15 Beautiful and Delicious Easter Breads to Add to Your Holiday Table

Elevate your holiday spread with a recipe or two from our collection of beautiful and delicious Easter breads. Discover new recipes, stunning presentations, and the perfect blend of tradition and creativity to make this holiday truly special.

These Easter breads are more than just a treat for the taste buds—they’re a feast for the eyes and a celebration of the season. From classic hot cross buns to exquisitely braided loaves, each recipe is crafted with love to bring warmth and joy to your Easter table.

If you don’t already have the tradition of serving any of these Easter breads during the holidays, perhaps one of these recipes will inspire you to add a new and delicious element to your celebrations.

Bread Machine Easter Bread Recipe

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Photo Credit: Walking on Sunshine Recipes

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This Bread Machine Easter Bread Recipe features a slightly sweetened dough made in the bread machine. The dough is then shaped into a traditional braid and stuffed with dyed eggs. Don’t worry about working with yeast – I’ll guide you through using your bread machine to make this old recipe even easier.

Get the recipe: Bread Machine Easter Bread Recipe

Individual Italian Easter Bread Rings

individual Easter bread rings covered in icing, sprinkles, and an easter egg nestled into the centers.
Photo Credit: Walking on Sunshine Recipes

These Individual Italian Easter Bread Rings made with frozen bread dough turn out beautifully. If you’re short on time, using frozen dough is a perfect solution. The bread rings are decorated with icing, sprinkles, and colorful pastel eggs, making them a festive addition to any Easter celebration.

Get the Recipe: Individual Italian Easter Bread Rings

Hot Cross Buns

baking dish filled with hot cross buns
Photo Credit: Walking on Sunshine Recipes

These Hot Cross Buns are sweet buns filled with currants or raisins. They are traditionally enjoyed over the Easter holidays and are marked with a cross on the top. This recipe is perfect for Easter Sunday brunch with your family.

Get the Recipe: Hot Cross Buns

Tsoureki – Greek Easter Bread

Greek Easter Break with sliced almonds on top
Photo Credit: Caroline’s Cooking

Tsoureki is a mouthwatering, soft and gently sweet yeast bread with a distinctive flavor. Similar to brioche or challah, it is traditionally enjoyed as a delicious treat during Easter. This delightful bread is perfect on its own when freshly baked, and leftovers can be transformed into fantastic French toast.

Get the Recipe: Tsoureki – Greek Easter Bread

Tsoureki Flower filled with Praline

Tsoureki Flower bread
Photo Credit: Kopiaste.. to Greek Hospitaly

Tsoureki flower is a Greek style sweet brioche bread traditionally baked during Easter. This unique recipe involves shaping the dough into a beautiful flower. You will impress everyone with what seems very complex, even though it is surprisingly simple to make the stunning flower shape.

Get the Recipe: Tsoureki Flower filled with Praline

Easter Bread with Raisins

round loaf of Easter Bread with raisins topped with glaze and colorful sprinkles
Photo Credit: Coffee. Fit. Kitchen.

This Easter Bread with Raisins is a twist on the classic Paska bread. It’s a sweet, indulgent loaf made with milk, eggs, sugar, and butter. Topped with a sweet glaze, it’s visually stunning, and the perfect treat for Easter. However, its mouthwatering flavor makes it a great choice for any time of the year!

Get the Recipe: Easter Bread with Raisins

Resurrection Rolls Recipe

Resurrection Rolls (cinnamon sugar rolls) with one open showing that it's empty on the inside representing the empty grave.
Photo Credit: Saving Dollars & Sense

These Homemade Cinnamon Sugar Rolls, known as Resurrection Rolls, are an Easter tradition that we enjoyed with our kids when they were little. This recipe is not only a delicious treat, but also a meaningful way to share the story of the cross with your family. It’s a fun and simple activity that even the little ones can participate in, and they’ll love indulging in a tasty treat at the end of the lesson.

Get the Recipe: Resurrection Rolls Recipe

Crescia al Formaggio

Crescia al Formaggio - Italian Easter Bread slices on a round wooden cutting board.
Photo Credit: She Loves Biscotti

Crescia al Formaggio is an Italian Easter bread packed with savory flavors. This light and airy yeast bread is crafted using a blend of cheeses and eggs. As it bakes in the oven, your entire kitchen will be filled with an irresistible aroma that will leave you longing for a slice.

Get the Recipe: Crescia al Formaggio

Ukrainian Easter Bread Doves (Holuby)

Easter Bread Doves
Photo Credit: Food Meanderings

Ukrainian Easter Bread Doves (Holuby) are adorable edible ornamental birds used to embellish Easter baskets, which are brought to church on Easter Sunday as an offering. This recipe combines tradition with creativity, as the bread doves beautifully decorate Ukrainian Easter bread. This straightforward step-by-step tutorial makes creating these Easter doves both enjoyable and effortless!

Get the Recipe: Ukrainian Easter Bread Doves (Holuby)

Romanian Easter & Christmas Bread Cozonac

Cozonac - Easter bread sliced open to show the beautiful swirl created when baked with a nutty filling.
Photo Credit: She Love Biscotti

Cozonac is a traditional Romanian recipe that dates back to Easter and Christmas celebrations. This sweet yeast bread features a delightful citrus aroma and is filled with a nutty mixture, resulting in a beautiful spiral design after baking. The end result is a festive loaf with a tender and soft crumb that is perfect for any occasion.

Get the Recipe: Romanian Easter & Christmas Bread Cozonac

Easter Chocolate Braid

Easter Chocolate Braid topped with mini chocolate eggs
Photo Credit: Easy and Delish

This recipe is for an easy and quick braid that combines elements of both Portuguese and Polish breads with a generous amount of chocolate. The key time-saving trick is using store bought puff pastry, which is filled with a semisweet chocolate bar, brushed with an egg wash, and topped with a drizzle of chocolate ganache and Cadbury chocolate mini eggs.

Get the Recipe: Easter Chocolate Braid

Easter Bread Kulich-Cruffin

Easter Bread Kulich-Cruffin
Photo Credit: Gastro Senses

This Easter Bread Kulich-Cruffin is a delicious fusion of flaky croissant dough and moist muffin, infused with the rich flavors of traditional Orthodox Easter Bread. With its unique combination of textures and flavors, this recipe is sure to impress and delight your guests.

Get the Recipe: Easter Bread Kulich-Cruffin

Traditional Easter Bread

Traditional Easter Bread ring with a colorful Easter egg baked into the center
Photo Credit: Walking on Sunshine Recipes

Traditional Easter Bread is a delicious recipe passed down from my Grandma Santelli. This sweetened bread dough is beautifully adorned with colored Easter eggs nestled in the center, creating a festive treat.

Get the Recipe: Traditional Easter Bread

Italian Easter Bread

loaf of Easter Bread with colorful Easter Eggs baked into the top of the loaf.
Photo Credit: Walking on Sunshine Recipes

This recipe for Italian Easter Bread features a delicious, soft, and fluffy brioche-style dough. Not only does it taste incredible, but it also boasts a visually stunning presentation with colorful eggs nestled inside. In just a few easy steps, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a memorable Easter tradition!

Get the Recipe: Italian Easter Bread – A Family Tradition

Easter Banana Bread

slice of banana bread
Photo Credit: Walking on Sunshine Recipes

Easter Banana Bread is a treat made with ripe bananas and chunks of Easter candy. This delicious recipe is so irresistible that you’ll want to make it all year round. This chocolate-y and delicious banana bread recipe is guaranteed to be one you love.

Get the recipe: Easter Banana Bread


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