I Signed Up For Annie’s Crochet Club and Here’s What Happened

This year I decided to take on a big project.

Originally I was thinking of taking my crocheting to a new level this year and create a temperature blanket, but after doing a lot of research on it I just couldn’t decide on colors or commit to crocheting a row every single day for a year.

So I started to look for other projects to do, and came across some ads for Annie’s Crochet Club and a beautiful afghan blanket kit.

I started crocheting last year with The Woobles, a beginner amigurimi kit that includes videos, so this seemed like a perfect way to get into making blankets!

I’ve been a member for a few months now and in this post I’ll share with you everything you need to know about Annie’s Kit Clubs and if it’s worth signing up!

stripes 1 through 6 of the stripe blanket

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Key Takeaways

•Annie’s Kit Clubs are subscription clubs where members get a monthly craft or part of a craft sent to them.

• Each kit includes the yarn and pattern book for 3 stripes, but not crochet hooks or stitch markers.

• The project is perfect for beginners as it comes with step by step videos and patterns that are easy to follow.

• The kits can be pricey after the introductory month, but they include more than just supplies (videos).

• Benefits of Annie’s Crochet Club include being beginner friendly, beautiful blankets made from high quality yarns, fun projects that destress after long days and an active Facebook community to connect with others doing the same project.

• Cons include priceiness past promotional pricing and too much yarn in each kit which may go unused at times due to repeating colors/stitches already used from previous kits .

What’s Annie’s Kit Clubs?

Annie’s Kit Clubs are subscription clubs where you get a monthly craft or part of a craft sent to you. There are a few different options like knit kits, crochet kits, bead kits, and more.

I’m a crocheter so I decided to sign up for the monthly Crochet Striped Afghan kit in Cozy Cottage.

What’s Included?

Each kit includes the yarn and pattern book for the 3 stripes that kit makes. The Striped Afghan project I’m working on is 30 stripe total on the blanket, coming out to be 10 kits overall.

The kit doesn’t include a crochet hook or stitch markers, so that’s something you’ll want to get before beginning the blanket.

annies kit supplies including yarn and paper pattern

My Experience

After I signed up I was beyond excited to get started working on the blanket! This is going to be one of the biggest and most challenging projects I’ve worked on, so I was eager to begin!

For context, I’ve been crocheting for about a year now. I started last year with an amigurumi kit called The Woobles. I’ve slowly been working on my skills over the year and would say I’m still a beginner, but getting better!

The kit appealed to me because it included step by step videos and it’s advertised for beginners. Plus the patterns are really cute!

I had a tough time deciding between the Cozy Cottage Afghan and Seaside, but ultimately chose the Cozy Cottage because it matched my home decor better.

stripe 1 of the blanket

Stripes 1 to 3

After about a week and a half of ordering my first kit, it finally arrived! I did order during the holidays so I think shipping was a little slower during this time.

The kit arrived and included:

  • 3 skeins of yarn (3 different colors)
  • a printed workbook
  • access to a digital pattern, and 2 videos on my account (one for right handed crocheters and one for left)
  • Digital access to a stitch booklet that explains the basics of the stitches

I was beyond excited to begin so jumped right in!

The first stripe was a very basic and easy stitch. The row called for all double stitches, so this went by pretty quick. I did watch the video during this to make sure I was doing it correctly and found the instructor, Lena, did a great job demonstrating and explaining everything!

Stripe 1 went pretty quickly!

Stripes 2 and 3 were new to me techniques, but basically built off of the single and double crochets. I watched the videos again and was able to do the stripes.

All together the first kit took me about a week to complete. I was really excited about this project, so decided at this time I wanted to get the kits a little more frequently than once a month.

I went into my account and updated the frequency to every other week.

stripes 1 through 3 of the cozy cottage blanket

Stripes 4 to 7

Despite updating my account, it did take an extra week or so to get my next kit, but it finally arrived and I was ready to jump in!

Stripes 4 and 7 started to introduce a little harder stitches, all built on single and double crochets. One of the stripes did include the bobble stitch which I had done in an amigurumi project before, so this wasn’t too intimidating to me.

I still watched the videos and they really did help me get the techniques correctly and the stripes all right.

I ended up finishing this kit a little slower, and right as I finished this one the next kit had arrived!

Annie's Crochet Clubs

Annie’s, founded in 1975, is a leader in the craft market, known for its catalogs, books, kits, and magazines. Save 50% off your first kit with the code SHARE50!

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and Beyond!

At the beginning of the next kit I realized that I needed to slow down the frequency of the kits. It seemed like the kit would progressively get a little more complicated and take a little longer.

Plus the kits were getting a little pricey getting them that frequently. While the first kit is 50% off, the regular price of the kits each month is $27 including shipping so it can add up fast if you’re doing the project quickly.

Save 50% off your first kit with the code SAVE50

My Review

Overall I’ve really enjoyed Annie’s Crochet Club and absolutely love how my blanket is coming out! The project has been perfect for me as a beginner because it includes all the videos that I need. I also like that it comes with the printed pattern so I can practice reading the pattern while watching the videos.

The only downside of the club is that it is pretty pricey once you’re past the promotional pricing. The first month is 50% off with the code SAVE50, but after that you’re paying full price plus shipping.

Annie’s does sell the full kit at a time if you don’t want to keep paying for shipping each month, but it’s a little pricey too.

stripes 1 through 6 of the stripe blanket

However, while it’s pricey, I do think the kits worth it, especially for beginners or those just starting to get into blankets. Lena, the instructor, does a really great job at teaching and explaining exactly what to do.

Plus it’s been really fun to get a new part of the blanket in the mail each month!

Kit Update (Row 21)

I’m now over halfway through the kit and thought I’d add in a little update!

I did start to get behind on kits for a few months because I bumped up to receiving them every 2 weeks – which proved to be too much for me! I’ve now bumped it down to every 2 months as I try to catch up, plus work on some other projects.

It was really easy to switch the frequency of the deliveries each time I’ve needed to.

As for the blanket itself, it has still been so much fun to work on. The stitches and techniques build on top of each other and I have learned so much in the process. My favorite thing to do is watch the video, do the row, then try to read the pattern to understand what I did, as well as see if I can guess what the next row will be.

I’ve learned so much on reading patterns this way!

For the most part all the stitches are beginner, but some of them I did have more trouble with than other ones. For example, Row 18 I had a lot of trouble with and it took me a while to get through.

I forget the name of the stitch but it was hard to keep track of the row and stitch counts, and I accidentally dropped some stitches so that part of the blanket looks a little funny. But I’m sure once I add in the border it’ll balance out!

half way through annie's crochet club blanket

Benefits of the Club

Here are a few of the benefits I’ve found since joining the club

Perfect for Beginners

The biggest benefit is how beginner friendly these kits are. I had never done anything more than a baby blanket before or basic stitches, and this kit has been perfect at teaching me how to do more stitches.

Beautiful Blankets

The blankets are absolutely beautiful and will be something I keep forever. The yarn is really soft and high quality!


This project has been incredibly fun! While some stripes have been a little difficult for me because they’re new, I’ve found that after watching the videos a few times I’m able to easily get the hang of it.

I’ve really come to enjoy this project and it’s been the perfect way for me to destress after a long day.

Active Community

One thing that I love about Annie’s is that once you sign up, you can join their very active Facebook community and connect with others. The group has been really helpful if I have any questions on stitches or not sure if something looks right, plus it’s really inspiring to see other’s work!

Cons of the Club

While there are many benefits of the crochet club, there are also some disadvantages. Here are a few that I’ve found.


My biggest hesitation with the club is how pricey it is. While you are paying for more than just supplies (since it includes videos for every stripe), it’s still pricey when you compare it to the introductory month price.

A Lot of Yarn

I’m only half way through with mine so far, but I’ve been finding I’m getting a lot of yarn – way more than I even need at this point. I’m sure I’ll use it later on, but for some of the stripes that repeated colors I was able to use my old yarn skeins on hand and didn’t even touch the unopened ones.

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks that have helped me with my project.

Use Stitch Markers

One thing that has really helped me keep the right stitch counts is to put a stitch marker in every 10 stitches. Then once I’m done with a row I can quickly go back and double check my counts.

This helps me catch any mistakes as early as possible and avoid a lot of rework!

Have materials ahead of time

When you start the kits, you’ll have an option to add on things like the right size crochet hooks and stitch markers. Make sure you order those or already have them so you can get started as soon as your kit arrives!

Final Thoughts

Overall I love Annie’s kits and think they’re worth it! I’m amazed at the blanket I’ve been making and the kit has become something I look forward to each month. Once I’m complete with this project, I know I’ll be doing another Annie’s kit!

Ready to order a kit? Use the code SAVE50 at checkout for 50% off your first kit!

Annie's Crochet Clubs

Annie’s, founded in 1975, is a leader in the craft market, known for its catalogs, books, kits, and magazines. Save 50% off your first kit with the code SHARE50!

Buy Now


How often are the boxes sent?

The kits are set to be sent monthly, but you can adjust in your settings to have them sent more or less frequently. I’ve changed mine a few times and it’s been really easy to do!

Is the crochet club for beginners?

The crochet club is perfect for beginners! I find the videos do a great job at explaining everything and it’s been a great resource to follow along with.

How much does it cost?

The first kit is 50% off which ends up being about $10 with shipping, and then after that they come out to be closer to $25-$30 depending on shipping.


  • Ali Van Straten

    Ali Van Straten is the founder and journalist of Champagne and Coffee Stains. She is a Peloton expert, certified running coach and certified nutrition coach. Champagne and Coffee Stains provides information and resources on Peloton Interactive, running and recipes.

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  1. Kathleen Young says:

    By chance, do you have the instructions for the final finishing kit for the Striped Afghan? Annie’s had a huge problem after the first of the year with the Cozy Cottage Kit. I should have received the finishing kit in March and still haven’t received it. I get the run around that they’re still waiting to receive the kits to send out, but on their site, they are selling the complete kit. They say they can’t even provide me with the final instructions. So I have an expensive unfinished Afghan. I’ve been an Annie’s customer since their old catalog days. This is very disappointing. Anyway, thought I’d ask

    1. I’m sorry I don’t have it yet! I’m a few kits away from that one (I had to switch to getting my kits every 2 months as I’m working on some other projects for our state fair). Have you tried posting in the Annie’s Kit Club facebook page? They’re usually really responsive on there!

      1. Kathleen Young says:

        Thank you for replying! I posted on the FB page after I commented here. I love this kit and even after 40 years of crocheting, it has been fun to learn new stitches. I like the yarn, as well. Acrylics and blends have definitely come a long way. I’ve bookmarked your page and will check in on your work and state fair success! We can’t have too many projects, right?

  2. So, for the end of the story, how many shipments did it take to complete?

    1. I haven’t completed it just yet (I’m waiting on I believe my 2nd to last shipment to come!). I have received 10 and believe there are 12 in all. When I get 11th that’ll complete all the stripes, and then there is a border section. I was waiting to do a final review at the end because initially I thought I was going to end up with a lot of extra yarn, but the end of the kit has ended up having me use most of the extra from previous shipments so it seems like it might be the perfect amount they send each month!

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