Baby Registry Must Haves

As we start to prepare for Baby #2 I’ve been going through all the old baby stuff we have around the house and started making lists of things that we’re going to need for Baby #2.

I’m hoping Baby #2 will be able to use most of what we have, but hey – every baby’s different!

Here’s my guide to my ultimate must have items on your baby registry.

These are the items that I loved with my babies and actually used – as well as a few things you might want to avoid adding.

Baby Feeding Must Haves

Bottles – Bottles are important to have on the registry, but I don’t recommend adding on too many because you won’t know what types of bottles your baby prefers. Tip: You’ll also usually get a few trial bottles sent to you in registry welcome kits so no need to register for a ton of bottles.

Bottle Warmer – This was something we ended up using a lot more than I thought we would. It was nice because it’d warm up the bottle quickly and evenly.

I think you could do something similar with a bowl of water, but this was convenient to have.

Baby Brezza – OK, this one isn’t required but it’s something that’s really handy to have on hand and worth the splurge (especially for middle of the night feedings!).

The Baby Brezza is basically a Keurig for baby formula – just select a bottle size and it’ll make the perfect temperature formula bottle like magic. This is on my wishlist!

Convertible High Chair – A convertible high chair was helpful to have because it could adjust as my daughter grew.

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Baby Sleep Must Haves

Bassinet – For my first baby we got a pack and play that had a bassinet attachment and set that up in our room…which she grew out of in about 3 weeks. This time around I want to get a dedicated bassinet to hopefully keep the baby in for a little longer. This time around we’re planning to rent a Snoo bassinet!

Sleep Sacks – I loved the Halo sleep sacks! Since the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) doesn’t recommend using a blanket or anything in the crib until baby’s a year old, sleep sacks are a great option. I really liked the Halo version because they had a built in swaddle wings so the sleep sack could be a swaddle, and then transition into a sleep sack with arms. Plus, they make a cotton version and a heavier fleece one that was perfect for winter.

Hatch Night Light and White Noise MachineThe Hatch machine was a lifesaver and we actually still use it with our 2 year old now! It’s an all in one night light and white noise machine that can be controlled with through your phone.

The newer ones can also be used with Alexa. They make an adult version too that I’ve been so tempted to get.

Canopy Humidifier – A humidifier is essential for a nursery and the best one to get is Canopy.

Canopy is the only humidifier that has sensors inside of it to make it keep running until it’s completely dry, making it impossible for mold to grow (ick!). I also love how easy it is to clean!

Baby Monitor – A baby monitor is a must have for naps and when baby’s in their own room.

We got a Summer Infant one for our first but now that we’ll need 2 monitors we’re planning to upgrade to a Motorolla baby monitor so we can have both cameras on one system.

Magnetic Sleepers – These sleepers are magic and make night time changings SO easy! Magnetic Me sleepers are super soft and cozy and were my favorite pajamas for baby.

Lev Baby Sleepers – These are serious the softest and most comfortable sleepers ever! They’re made with bamboo so are super soft and hold up even after many washes. They also make crib sheets, changing pad covers and blankets!

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Travel Must Haves

Pack and Play – This is something we still use! We got the 4Moms Pack and Play and I loved how easy it was to set up – I could take it out and set it up with one hand in under a minute.

It was also nice because it had a bassinet attachment so we were able to use it as a bassinet for a few weeks with our baby (the downside is that it’s pretty small so she did grow out of that part in a few weeks).

Quality Diaper Bag – This was a splurge for me, but I thought it was so important to have a diaper bag that was quality and something stylish enough that I’d want to be seen with the bag.

I’ve been using a Lily Jade Madeline diaper bag for a few years now and it’s held up great. It’s the perfect size, and I love it can either be a an over the shoulder bag or can convert easily to a backpack.

Baby Carrier – I had no idea how much I’d love babywearing! Originally I got a Lillebaby carrier but didn’t really like how big and bulky it was. I ended up buying a Solly baby wrap and it was my daily go to.

I loved how easy it was to use and lightweight. You can read my full review of it here.

Portable Noise Machine – This was key for whenever we’d travel! I got this small one that I could throw into my diaper bag and it worked great.

Infant Car Seat and Stroller – This is definitely an essential and I highly recommend going into a store to check out options before registering. Originally I had planned on getting an UppaBaby Vista stroller and car seat but once I actually got to try them out in person I decided to get a Nuna Mixx stroller and Nuna Pipa infant car seat.

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Diaper Changing Clutch– I had no idea how much I’d need this until my sister in law gave one to me at my shower and now it’s an essential!

It’s a wristlet clutch that can easily fit inside a diaper bag that you can neatly store all your extra diapers, wipes, and it has a changing pad.

Quilbie Baby Cover– A baby car seat cover has been a lifesaver for us for when we’ve been out and about and baby still needs to nap!

The Quilbie cover can be used on car seats or strollers, and protects baby from the elements (perfect for our cold winters in Minnesota!) and makes the car seat blackout so baby falls asleep super quickly. Pair this with a portable sound machine and naps on the go are super easy!

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Play Must Haves

Swing or Bouncer – My daughter loved the Mammaroo and we’re planning to use it with our next baby!

Activity Mat – This was a great toy that grew with my daughter (I’m all about the multi-purpose!).

It started as a mat she could lay on, transformed into a mat she could do tummy time with, and then eventually she was able to play with the toys. We got this Skip Hop one and are planning to use it again.

Activity Table – This wasn’t something we could use until my baby was a few months old, but it was a great investment.

It’s a 4 in 1 activity center that starts as a bouncer and can ultimately transform into an activity center. We still use it as an art table!

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Bath Must Haves

Baby Bath Tub – I loved this little baby bath tub because it could grow with my baby (we actually still use some of the toys it came with).

Hooded Towels – Not only are these cute, but they’re super functional. We got a bunch from Target and they were super soft and held up really well.

Wash Cloths – Lots and lots of wash cloths! We never seemed to have enough around so this time around I’ll be adding some more to my list.

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Other Must Haves

Labels – These were a lifesaver when we started daycare! Name Bubbles are durable labels that can go on clothes, bottles, blankets, etc. and are washable. They’re also really cute!

Nose Frida – I’ll be honest – the Nose Frida grossed me out when I first got it, but it quickly became a must have in our house. It’ll safely clear out any gunk in baby’s nose easily – and don’t worry, nothing gross gets in your mouth.

Baby Nail Clippers – I was so afraid to use nail clippers on my daughter at first but got this easy to use pair.

What NOT to Add to Your Registry

This will depend on you and your preferences, but I found a wipe warmer completely unnecessary. My daughter showed no difference between cold and warm wipes, so we ditched the wipe warmer pretty early on.

I don’t recommend registering for a ton of bottles because you won’t know what type of bottle baby likes until they’re here.

I also don’t recommend adding on shoes (cute, but totally unnecessary), toys, and stuffed animals. Dock a Tot‘s also another popular recommended item to add but we never had one and never saw a need for it.

I also found that the Hatch’s scale was a bust for us. I didn’t get this with my first, but after having weight issues right after birth with my first I knew for my second I wanted to have this so I could avoid going to the doctor’s as often for weight checks.

I found the scale extremely hard to use – it’d always make me reset it after I’d put baby on, as well as it was tricky to use because you needed to always have your phone on you to get the weight.

Fortunately, my second baby gained weight easily after birth so we didn’t even need to end up weighing her as much.

So for those reasons, I’d say hold off on buying this expensive scale and if you really do need one I’d recommend a less expensive one like this.

Baby Registry FAQs

When Should I Start my Baby Registry?

I would start a registry whenever you want to! There can be a ton of things they recommend to add and it can be overwhelming. If you give yourself enough time, it becomes less of a process. I did all the essentials pretty early on and then once we found out the gender we added on more of the fun stuff like clothes.

Where Should I Create a Baby Registry?

I really like using Amazon Baby Registry because it’s easy to make and they allow you to add products from other stores and websites too so it’s an all in one list. Plus it’s free and they send you a free gift!

How Many Baby Registries Should I Have?

I would try to have one registry so you don’t get duplicates of things, but make sure you have things on there that can be purchased online and in stores. I originally tried to do an online only registry but some of my older family members had issues getting to it because they weren’t as tech savvy.

Are there any Freebies for my Registry?

There are usually welcome gifts and freebies when you create your registry! With Amazon, you’ll get a welcome box once you complete their checklist and at least $10 of gifts are purchased.

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How Big Should My Registry Be?

The average baby registry is over 120 items – which may seem crazy high, but when you think about how many multiples you need of certain things, it’s not that extreme.

Should I Add Expensive Stuff to My Registry?

This is a personal decision, but I personally do like to add expensive things to it because from my experience some people prefer to do group gifts and get a big item vs. getting small individual items.

Plus, some registries will have a registry completion discount for things on your list so you could possibly get a good sale on a high ticket item.

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