Best Books for 75 Hard

Starting on the 75 Hard journey and looking for the perfect reading companion? Dive into this comprehensive guide for the best books for 75 Hard to keep you inspired and on track!

The 75 Hard program is more than just a fitness regimen; it’s a transformative mental toughness challenge. And part of the challenge is to read 10 pages daily of nonfiction books.

best books for 75 hard challenge

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 But with so many books out there, which ones align best with the program’s objectives and spirit?

If you’ve been scratching your head, wondering which books to choose, you’re in the right place.

These recommendations come from others that have completed the 75 Hard program and have recommended to others on social media. 

75 Hard Rules

The 75 Hard program is not just a physical challenge but a mental one, aimed at building mental toughness, discipline, and consistency. Founded by Andy Frisella, it’s a regimen that requires participants to stick to a set of specific rules for 75 consecutive days.

Breaking even one rule means starting over from day 1. 75 Hard is different than a fitness challenge because it helps develop healthy habits in all areas of your life.

Andy Frisella calls it a “Transformative Mental Toughness Program” that allows for zero compromises – if you miss any of the critical tasks by the end of the day you need to restart the program from Day 1.

Here are the core rules of the 75 Hard program:

Follow a Diet

Stick to a diet plan of your choice, but it must not include any cheat meals or alcohol. No deviations are allowed.

cut up fruit ingredients for fruit salsa in a prepdeck

2 Workouts a Day

Do two 45-minute workouts each day.

One of these workouts must be outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions. This rule remains regardless of physical condition or any other external factor.

Workouts cannot be back to back and must have at least a 3 hour gap in between them.

One Gallon of Water

Drink a gallon of water every day. This promotes hydration and has numerous health benefits, but it also teaches discipline.

Read Every Day

Read 10 pages of a non-fiction self-help or business book every day. It’s not just about reading but absorbing valuable knowledge that can enhance personal growth.

Take Daily Progress Photos

Take a progress picture daily. This not only tracks physical changes but also serves as a daily reminder of the commitment to the challenge

No Alcohol or Cheat Meals

As part of the dietary discipline, the consumption of alcohol or having cheat meals is strictly prohibited during the 75 days.

 If you miss or fail any of the above daily tasks, even just one, you start over from Day 1. This rule enforces the importance of consistency and the concept of not compromising, no matter what.

The goal of the program is to establish long term new habits and a permanent change to be a better person.

75 hard app screenshot

The 75 Hard program, at its core, is more than just physical transformation. It’s about reshaping the mind to be disciplined, persistent, and resilient, teaching you to remain committed and consistent in the face of challenges. It’s part of a year long program called the Live Hard program.

To find out more about the complete rules of 75 Hard, I recommend listening to Andy’s Podcast or picking up a copy of Andy’s Book on the program. 

Reading Rules for 75 Hard

An integral part of the 75 Hard challenge is the emphasis on personal growth, which is best achieved through reading.

While physical transformation is evident, the mental evolution is equally significant. 

Here’s a breakdown of the reading rules for the 75 Hard program:


Initially, Andy Frisella specified that a physical book was the only acceptable format.

However, with the increasing popularity of e-books, he later updated the rules to include Kindle books as acceptable. What remains unchanged is that audiobooks are not allowed.

The challenge emphasizes active participation, and reading engages the mind differently than listening.

One Book at a Time

Participants must read at least 10 pages of the same book every day until it’s finished. This means you can’t hop between two different books on alternate days.

This rule is designed to cultivate discipline and ensure participants are committed to seeing things through.


The book should be non-fiction and fall under the umbrella of self-improvement or self-help books. The choices are vast within this genre, giving participants the flexibility to select topics that resonate most with them.

My Personal Experience

During my own journey with 75 Hard, I found a deep connection with “quit lit” — literature about quitting alcohol. Books like “Quit Like a Woman” and “It’s Not About the Wine” became personal favorites.

They not only offered insights but also shared powerful stories that added value to my 75 Hard experience.

The reading component of 75 Hard is a testament to the fact that personal transformation is as much about mental growth as it is about physical change. 

Choosing the right book can enhance this transformative experience, offering both knowledge and motivation.

Can I read kindle books on 75 Hard?

One of the frequently asked questions about the 75 Hard challenge is regarding the format of books. 

Can participants use Kindle for their daily reading? The answer is a resounding yes!

Initially, the program was quite strict about using physical books. However, over the years Andy Frisella has adapted the rules to allow for ebooks and Kindles.

He updated the rules to allow Kindle books as part of the challenge

This adjustment not only makes the challenge more accessible for many but also acknowledges the changing ways in which we consume content.

Whether you’re turning the pages of a physical book or swiping through a Kindle, the essence of the challenge remains the same: to engage actively with self-improvement literature and commit to personal growth.

So, if you’re a Kindle enthusiast, rest assured that your e-books are fully in line with the 75 Hard guidelines. 

Just remember to stick to the other reading rules, such as completing at least 10 pages daily from the same book!

Can You Listen to Audio Books for the 75 Hard Challenge?

A frequent question that arises when individuals start the 75 Hard challenge is about the use of audio books.

Given our on-the-go lifestyles and the convenience of audio books, it’s easy to see why this question pops up.

However, the official guidelines of the 75 Hard challenge are clear: audio books are not allowed.

The reasoning behind this rule is rooted in the discipline and commitment the challenge seeks to instill. Physically reading a book requires dedicated focus and time set aside each day, without the distractions that can arise when listening to audio books during other activities.

This act of discipline—of sitting down and committing to those 10 pages daily—forms a crucial aspect of the challenge, training the mind to concentrate and engage actively.

While audio books are fantastic resources for personal development and can be consumed in various settings, for the purposes of the 75 Hard challenge, it’s all about going back to basics and dedicating undivided attention to the act of reading.

The goal of 75 Hard is to get out of your comfort zone and make zero substitutions or adjustments.

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Where to Get Books for 75 Hard

Embarking on the 75 Hard challenge and wondering where to source your self-improvement books?

There are plenty of options available to ensure you have a great selection to choose from throughout the challenge.

The Library

One of the most traditional and cost-effective options is your local library. Libraries offer a vast collection of self-improvement books, and you might just discover some unexpected gems!

If you’re not sure where to start, librarians can often provide recommendations based on popular reads or personal favorites.

The library also has a program now where you can also borrow ebooks that are kindle compatible.

Bookstores or Amazon

As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon boasts an extensive range of titles in both physical and Kindle formats.

With user reviews and ratings, you can make an informed choice and often find titles that cater to specific areas of self-improvement you’re interested in.

Facebook Groups

Inside the Official 75 Hard Facebook group there are often posts for trading 75 Hard compliant books with other members. 

No matter where you choose to source your books, the key is consistency and dedication to the reading aspect of the challenge.

Dive in, explore different topics, and let your reading journey be as enriching as the physical and dietary components of 75 Hard!

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Best Books for 75 Hard

One of the critical tasks of 75 Hard is to read 10 pages of a non fiction book. Here are the best books for 75 Hard

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best books for 75 hard challenge


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