California Beach Co Pop N Go Playpen Review

A few years ago I remember watching the show Shark Tank and seeing a pitch for a beach playpen called the California Beach Co Pop n Go Playpen. I didn’t have kids back then, but remembered how easy and cool it looked!

Fast forward a few years and 2 kids later, I thought back to this episode. It’s finally starting to warm up in Minnesota and with beach days ahead, I started to look up the Pop n Go Playpen as a solution for our beach days. I found it on Amazon and quickly ordered it!

We’ve been using our California Beach Co Playpen for a few months now and in this post I’ll share with you everything you need to know about it, as well as demonstrate how to use it, and more!

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Who is California Beach Co?

California Beach Co is a small family-owned business that was started in 2016 by husband and wife duo, Joe and Ashley. They’re based in Los Angeles, California and their mission is to provide families with high-quality, safe, and affordable products that make spending time together outdoors more enjoyable!

The Pop n Go Playpen (Amazon Affiliate Link) was invented by Joe after he saw his own kids struggling to stay safe and clean while spending time at the beach. He wanted to create a product that would allow families to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the safety of their kids!

They’ve now even expanded the collection to include pets with a pet version of the Pop n Go Playpen.

What is the California Beach Co Pop n Go Playpen?

The California Co Pop n Go Playpen is a portable, pop-up playpen that can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s made with UV-resistant, water-resistant, and durable materials that can withstand the elements.

The playpen features mesh walls that allow for airflow and visibility, as well as a zippered door for easy in and out.

The biggest appeal to the Pop n Go Playpen is how easy it is to set it up. The Playpen is advertised as just being able to be taken out of the bag, popped open, add a few support sticks and ready to go – but is it that easy to use?

Does it Actually Work?

When my Pop n Go Playpen arrived I was excited to put it to the test! It was in the early Spring so a little too early to go outside and use, so I decided to test it out in my living room.

Sure enough, the Pop n Go Playpen was very easy to set up. I did have to follow the instructions the first time I did it but after one time setting it up I got the hang of it. All in, it took maybe 3 minutes to put it together – with most of the time being spent putting the little support beams inside each pocket (there’s one for each side).

set up california beach co playpen

After setting it up I was impressed with how sturdy the playpen was. I liked that the top was pretty open for air, as well as the sides are all mesh. There’s also a little door on the side that zips open and close for easy in and out.

As for sizing, the playpen can comfortably fit a few babies and even adults. We use it often for our outdoor days and I can sit and move around easily with my baby, as well as a ton of toys in the playpen with us.

Taking it down was super easy too and everything actually folded up neatly back into the bag without much effort (usually I can never get things to go back into place right!). I like that the playpen comes with a separate little bag for the playpen cover – and it’s labeled!

Here’s a video I filmed of putting it up and taking it down so you can see how easy it is:

YouTube video

California Beach Co Pop n Go Playpen Review

Overall I love our Playpen and it’s become a must-have for our family. We use it multiple times every weekend and it’s held up really well! The only downside is that the bottom of the playpen is pretty thin, so I do recommend getting some kind of mattress or pillow to make it a little softer.

We did end up getting both the Playpen mattress and mattress cover and it has made a huge difference. Each comes in its own bag that can attach to the Playpen bag, and it’s made the playpen really comfortable. The mattress inflates with air in like a minute and the cover helps keep it clean.

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Must-Have Accessories

If you’re going to buy the Pop n Go Playpen, I also highly recommend getting the mattress and mattress cover for it. It fits the playpen perfectly and makes it much more comfortable.

I also really like the beach blanket that California Beach Co has. This blanket is a weighted blanket that folds up into a backpack, as well as like the playpen, it also has stakes so you can put it down on the ground and not worry about it flying away.

We’ve taken this to the beach with us multiple times and love it! We get so many compliments on it and are asked all the time where we got it when we take it to events.

Here’s a video I made of it:

YouTube video

The last accessory I’ll mention is the pet version of the Pop n Go Playpen. If you have pets, this is a must-have! It’s exactly like the regular playpen but for pets. We don’t have a dog so I haven’t tried it but it does have good reviews on Amazon.

Where to Buy

The easiest way to buy the playpen and all the California Beach Co accessories is on Amazon. Most of the items are prime eligible, and I’ve noticed they usually have a sale on them!

Final Thoughts

The Pop n Go Playpen is an excellent product for families with young children. It’s easy to set up and take down, as well as being lightweight and portable so it’s perfect for taking on the go. I highly recommend this playpen!

I hope you found this Pop n Go Playpen review helpful! If you have any questions please leave them below and I’ll do my best to answer them.


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