My Divi Hair Serum Experience

Postpartum hair loss is the worst.

When I was postpartum with my first, no one told me just how intense postpartum hair loss would be. I already have pretty thin hair but once I hit 3 months it seemed like it was all just falling out.

And wouldn’t stop!

Finally, about month 6 of being postpartum, my hair stopped shedding like crazy, but I was left with a bunch of bald and thin spots.

The worst was that one of those spots was right in front. I ended up having my hairstylist change my part to help cover some of it, and we kept my hair that way for about a year until my hair finally grew back.

The second time around the postpartum hair loss was even worse. My hair loss began a little earlier and somehow even more hair was falling out.

I started having two huge thin spots in the front of my hairline that no matter what I did I couldn’t hide.

I posted on Instagram my problem and my friend Keshia, a hairstylist, mentioned seeing ads for a new product called Divi that promised to help with postpartum hair loss.

She was also postpartum and was thinking of trying it to help with her hair loss too.

After doing some searching and seeing great reviews on their website, I decided to give it a shot and ordered a bottle.

divi hair serum pinterest pin

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What is Divi Hair Serum?

First off – what exactly is Divi? Divi Hari Serum is a lightweight serum that’s made out of Copper Tripeptide-1, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary Leaf Extract, and Caffeine.

It’s advertised to revitalize and detoxify your scalp, and most importantly for me, help with hair regrowth for thinning hair.

Divi is sold online through their website and can be purchased as a one-time purchase, or you can save a little with a subscription. They recommend using it for at least 3 months before you’ll see results.

However, I’ll admit I was skeptical and thought this was just a marketing gimmick to get me to subscribe so I spent a little more and only a one-time order option.

divi hair serum outside box

After I ordered I received a confirmation, and then a few days later it arrived! I was impressed with how quickly it arrived and how beautiful the packaging was.

I was super excited to try so as soon as I opened it I took it out of the box to give it a try.

inside the divi box

Before I get too far I want to mention that this is all 100% my honest experience with Divi.

In this article you won’t find any affiliate links or anything for Divi – I paid for all the bottles myself in hopes it’ll help my postpartum hair loss.

How to Use

The box says to shake the bottle really well, then use one dropper a day (preferably when your hair is wet), and massage it into your hair. I followed the instructions and put most of my serum into the spots where my hair was super thin.

I massaged it in and noticed that it absorbed pretty quickly. I started to blow dry my hair and noticed that the spots where I put the serum felt like a cooling sensation that actually felt really nice!

divi dropper

Month 1

I continued using the serum every day like the instructions said. I did, however, apply a few times to dry hair and noticed it made my hair a little greasy where I put it so wet hair is definitely preferred.

At the end of the first month, I didn’t see really any change. However, I did like how it made my hair feel (the cooling effect made me think something was happening LOL) so I decided to keep going.

This time, I did the subscribe and save so I’d save 10% or 15% off my order.

divi start

Month 2

I continued applying the serum in month 2 and by the end of the month, I started seeing itty bitty baby hair popping up! Yes!! This was really exciting to see so I decided to continue again with another month of the serum.

divi month 2

Month 3

Month 3 was the first month I was on the subscription plan and my order arrived a day or two before my month 2 bottle ran out.

By the end of month 3 I started seeing a lot more regrowth and started applying the serum to other spots in my hair to try to thicken it (hey – it’s worth a shot, right?).

This month also made me a firm believer in Divi and ended up convincing my husband to get his own bottle for his thinning spots.

divi month 3

Month 4

I’m now starting up month 4 and am really impressed with the regrowth I’ve had. The front spots that were thinning have a ton of baby hair regrowing. I think this will be my last month using Divi since I’ve seen the results I’ve wanted!

The only downside this month was that my subscription shipped late, so I almost was 3 days without the serum. I was able to borrow some from my husband’s bottle until mine finally arrived.

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Is Divi Worth It?

I think Divi is 100% worth it. I was skeptical the first month, but once baby hairs started popping up I was a believer. When I was postpartum the first time, it took me longer to achieve these results.

The only downside with Divi is their pricing. Since I started ordering I would get a ton of e-mails from them with promotions like extra 10-15% off subscriptions.

However, since I was a current customer none of these offers applied to me (my husband’s subscription did qualify though) so I think it’s a little misleading that they send current customers these offers that don’t apply.

divi bottle

But overall pricing isn’t bad for Divi. For a one-time bottle it was $48, but if you opt into a subscription it drops the price to $43. If you are interested in trying Divi, I’d sign up on their site for their e-mail list and wait to get a coupon.

They seem to send them out a lot!

Divi also has a 3-month package for $136, which is $45.33 a bottle.

Promo Code

While I don’t have a promo code to share, I’ve noticed that Divi sends out a ton of discounts (I got 2 sent to me as I was on their site putting together this article).

Spend a little time on their site or subscribe to their e-mail list and I’m sure you’ll get one sent to you.

Update on My Husband’s Hair

I had mentioned that my husband had started to use it and had a readers reach out to ask about his results so I thought I would share!

Sadly my husband didn’t stick to the routine so never saw any results from using Divi.

I on the other hand have seen the results last in my hair. I no longer use Divi (a few years after initially using it) and my hair has remained the same! I am very happy with the results and still think it’s worth it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re dealing with thinning hair or postpartum hair loss like me, I highly recommend trying out Divi. You do need to plan to commit to (at least) the 3 months to see the results but it’s definitely been worth it to me!


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  1. Just had two girlfriends talking about this product last night so love seeing this review from you! Seems like it’s definitely worth a try!

  2. I wish I saw your results! I tried it for 4 consecutive months and didn’t see any benefits at all.

  3. Anne Brandt says:

    Since you have stopped using Divi do you feel like your hair is still growing? I am wondering if this is a product you need to continue to use to keep the growth happening.

    1. My hair is still growing (I have lots of awkward length baby hairs lol), but I don’t think it’s growing as fast as it was when I was using Divi.

  4. Sue Sanders says:

    Can you use more Diva than is recommend, to get the scalp saturated.

    1. I’m not sure I haven’t tried it! I’ve found a little bit does go a long way!

  5. Were you breast feeding during this time? If so did you notice a drop in supply? It contains peppermint and it’s the only thing holding me back, as I don’t want to decrease my supply. Thanks in advance!

  6. Sierra Hironaka says:

    How has your husbands results been? I’m wanting to get for my husband.

    1. He unfortunately stopped using it before he saw any results so it’s hard to say 🙁

  7. Once you get the results you want would you stop using it or you have to keep using it to keep the results?

    1. I stopped using it after I got my results and my hair has completely regrown and stayed in the places where I lost postpartum

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  9. For anyone interested, you can cancel your current subscription and start a new one to get the discounts that are offered. I have done it a few times and have extra discounts on all their products now ?.

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