Foodstirs Baking Kit Review

This weekend we hit our 19th 90-degree day this summer. Yikes! Normally we average maybe 10 super hot days, but this summer has been extra hot and humid (I gotta admit I feel like it’s always extra hot and humid the summers I’m pregnant though!).

So this weekend we ended up spending a lot of time doing water activities in the morning and keeping busy inside in the afternoon. Foodstirs recently reached out and sent us a baking kit to try out so we decided to do that. I’m a sucker for all-in-one kits, especially ones that are kid-friendly, have cute themes, and have healthy ingredients.

In this blog post, I’ll review the Foodstirs baking kit, our experience, and thoughts, and if it’s worth checking out.

Disclosure: Foodstirs did provide us a sample kit but all opinions are my own.

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What is Foodstirs?

What exactly is Foodstirs? Foodstirs is a baking company that refers to itself as a “Junk Free Kitchen”. The parents behind Foodstirs created Foodstirs to inspire families and kids to learn, create, and explore with food. Foodstirs is committed to helping parents raise happier healthier children at home. They do this by providing a healthy and easy way for people to “play” in the kitchen and experience food firsthand through fun recipes, tools, and kits (like the one we got) as well as offer premade healthier snacks and dessert options to buy.

Generally, all of Foodstirs food and kits are:

  • Lower sugar
  • USDA organic and non-GMO
  • Fair trade chocolate
  • Glyphosate residue free

Foodstirs Baking Kits

In addition to selling baking mixes and desserts online, Foodstirs also has a bi-monthly subscription baking kit service. The kits each have a cute and unique theme based on the time of the year – like the one we got for summer, which was making Sandy Surfboard Sugar cookies.

A few other themes they’ve had in the past were Unicorn treat pops, Out of this World Donut kits, and upcoming ones like Suh-weet and Spooky Brownie Kit, and Snowy Cake Pop kit.

The baking kits can be purchased one at a time, or you can purchase a subscription (you save a little bit of money if you do this). Subscriptions can also be gifted!

What’s Inside the Baking Kit

foodstirs baking kit box

The kit arrived in a bright blue box and adorable packaging! Inside the box was (almost) everything we needed to make the surfboard cookies, like:

inside foodstirs box
  • Sugar cookie mix
  • Surfboard cookie cutter
  • Frosting mix
  • Natural dye (one orange packet and a blue one)
  • 2 frosting piping bags and tips
  • Sugar sprinkles
  • Instruction card
  • Decoration idea and tips card

I also liked that the instruction card also came with notes on how to make the sugar cookies vegan.

The only thing the cookie kit didn’t come with was a few perishable ingredients (butter, milk, and egg) which I wouldn’t expect them to ship. They did label exactly what you needed so there wouldn’t be any surprises when you went to make the cookies.

back of the cookie mix
nutritional information of cookies

Foodstirs Baking Kit Review

After reading the instructions and the cookie mix box, I decided the best way to do this kit would be for me to make the cookies during nap time and then have my toddler help with the decorating part.

Part of the instructions included freezing the dough and refrigerating cookie cutouts, which I knew my toddler just wouldn’t have the patience for. If you have an older kid they more than likely could do this part themselves, but smaller kids might need help (or be like me and prep them during nap time 🙂

mixing cookie dough in a food mixer

The cookies were easy enough to make – simply pour the mix into a bowl, add in the butter and egg, and mix until the dough forms. The only step that got a little confusing is that on the box it called for freezing the dough for 20 minutes but on the surfboard cookie instructions it said to roll out the dough immediately. My dough was kind of crumbly so I decided to follow the box and freeze for 20 minutes before I started working with it.

cookie dough

I ended up being happy with this decision because the dough came out easier to work with and stuck together much better than when I had just made it. The dough was still a little sticky so I did have to use some extra flour when I rolled it out like the box mentioned I might have to.

cutting out surfboard cookies

Since it was so hot out I decided to bake the cookies in our Ninja Foodi Oven so the house wouldn’t heat up (have I mentioned how much I love that kitchen gadget?!). I ended up making 3 batches of cookies, about 17 cookies, from the entire mix.

Baking the Cookies

The first batch of cookies I got overly excited and popped them into the oven right after I had made them into surfboards. I later read in the instruction card it was recommended to refrigerate the cutout cookies for about 10 minutes to maintain their form better during baking – whoops!

Sure enough, the first batch of cookies lost some of their shape and didn’t look a whole lot like surfboards – that’s ok though, they still tasted delicious!

For the second and third batch, I listened to the instructions and they came out a lot better. I let all the cookies cool for about 20 minutes until my 3 year old woke up from her nap and then we got to decorating!

Decorating the Cookies

The kit came with one big bag of frosting mix that you added milk to make it into white frosting. Once the frosting was made, you could divide the white frosting into two smaller bowls and add in food coloring to make orange and blue frosting.

The frosting was thicker than the frosting we were used to but it was easy to use on the cookies. We also could’ve added a little more milk to it to make it softer, but I didn’t want to make it too runny.

I put the blue and orange frostings into the piping bags that came with the kit and they were super easy to decorate with. The only thing is I wish they had included a third bag for the white frosting so that was easier to use, but I ended up mostly using that to spread all over the cookies, and then my toddler used the colored frosting to decorate.

decorating the surfboard cookies

I also ended up tying the ends of the bag to make it easier for my daughter to decorate the cookies with. She had so much fun and tying the bags made it easy for her to do! She was so proud of her finished cookies, and I was happy that the kit included the perfect amount of frosting for all the cookies (unlike some other store-bought kits we’ve tried that barely give enough frosting or decorations).

decorating the foodstirs surfboard cookies

What Ages Are Best for the Food Kits?

I would say this really depends on your kid and their attention span. My 3 year old loved decorating the cookies but definitely would’ve had a tough time waiting for the dough to set in the freezer.

On the other hand, older kids would have a lot of fun not only making the dough but also making more elaborate designs on the surfboards.

Are Foodstirs Baking Kits Worth It?

Overall I would highly recommend checking out the Foodstirs baking kits. The surfboard cookies ended up being a fun afternoon activity and I loved that pretty much everything we needed was inside the box. My daughter had a blast decorating cookies and I liked that it was secretly educational as it helped her practice some of her fine motor skills by drawing lines and shapes. Plus, the cookies were a delicious treat to enjoy afterward!

Where to Buy Foodstirs

Foodstirs Baking Kits can be purchased directly through their website here. The kits range in price from about $26 to $194, depending on the subscription you choose. They also do allow you to do one-time purchase of the kit too!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a fun family activity, I highly recommend checking out Foodstirs baking kits. They were such a fun afternoon activity for my family and I can’t wait to make more food projects with them in the future!

Click Here to Order Your Baking Kit!

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  1. I bought the 6 kit subscription for my great-niece in November 2021, with the first box to be delivered in December. The first 3 boxes arrived fine, albeit a little late. My niece loved them! And then… there was an email that because of “supply chain issues”, the next box would be late. Since then, nothing – crickets. I went to their site today ( and it’s not working. I was able to send their support an email but have not heard back at all. I can understand a little late, but they are now months behind and there is NO COMMUNICATION. Very poorly run company.

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