Imperfect Foods Review: My Honest Review and Experience

We go through a lot of fruit in our house but unfortunately, we don’t have the best selection in stores. It seems like every week our grocery store is either out of stock in something or the quality is questionable.

After way too many frustrating experiences, I decided to try out Imperfect Foods.

We’ve been doing Imperfect Foods delivery for a few weeks now and I wanted to write a post about our experiences.

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What is Imperfect Foods?

Imperfect Foods is a food delivery program that advertises fruits and veggies delivery, but also carries a wide assortment of other grocery and household goods.

The name Imperfect Foods comes from the fact that the company uses slightly “imperfect” foods – produce and veggies that normally would be tossed because they either weren’t the right size or look ugly.

Why We Chose Imperfect Foods Over Misfit Foods

When I was looking into subscribing to a food delivery service I narrowed it down to two in my area – Imperfect Foods and Misfit Foods.

Ultimately I chose Imperfect Foods because they advertised that I could customize the box instead of randomly being sent produce that we might not like.

I also found Misfit foods website a little confusing and didn’t like that I couldn’t check it out ahead of time without giving them my credit card information.

How It Works

On Friday afternoons (3PM central time) the window will open where you can shop on their website. Items that you have selected as “always include” are already in your cart, but during this window you can adjust and add on more items.

You have until Monday at noon to review and complete your cart.

When I first did my order I found this process to be incredibly stressful, especially since when I logged on and found some items to be already sold out for the week!


Pricing each week will vary depending on what’s in your cart. You’re charged per item (they list each price under the item), and if you are under $65 you’re charged a $4.99 delivery fee.

Our typical order comes out to be about $50, including the delivery fee.

We usually order:




2-3 Apples (it’s sold by lb)

2-3 Pears


Seasonal fruit: mangoes, kiwis, cherries or whatever else they have on hand


Brussel Sprouts


Pita Bread


A fun snack like dehydrated fruit

Imperfect Foods Delivery

Delivery day in my area is on Wednesdays, but the timing can greatly vary – we’ve had them show up as early as 10 am to as late as 8pm.

I believe they use their own delivery team so there isn’t a way to track when your delivery arrives. We’ve also had an instance where our delivery was delayed an entire day.

Imperfect Foods Review

The food that’s arrived has been pretty decent. I mostly use it for produce and veggies and have found that the prices are comparable to the grocery store so I don’t think I’m actually saving any money.

I have been happy with the consistent quality so that’s why we’ve continued to use the subscription.

I did get excited at first when I found they had Vital Eggs for $2 less than I could buy them at Target – but quickly was disappointed when they arrived and I realized they were actually small sized eggs, instead of large.

I realize this was my own fault for not reading the label closely, but it would’ve been nice if this was called out a little larger. I didn’t even think to check it!

I do like their market area – while it’s not cheaper, it does save me a trip to Whole Foods for some items like my husband’s plant-based foods. It’s also been fun to try some new things!

Imperfect Foods Quality

For the most part, the quality of the food has been great and I haven’t really noticed anything imperfect about it.

We did have an issue with packaging where our grapes were smushed on the bottom of the box, but customer service was fast to react and gave us a credit.

I also appreciated the following week I got a text from our local Imperfect Foods manager to check to see if we were happy with the delivery and if they fixed the issue.

We had another issue this week with the asparagus being a little mushy, but again customer service was fast and gave us a credit.

Is Imperfect Foods Worth It?

Is Imperfect Foods worth it? I think it depends. It doesn’t really save us any money but I am happy that I now get (mostly) quality produce every week and it saves me an extra trip to Whole Foods.

Want to try it out? Click here to order your first box!

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