How to Keep Your Peloton Streak Going

Peloton streaks are one way to keep motivated working out. I love seeing how many weeks in a row I’ve worked out (I’m almost up to 2 years!). However, sometimes there are times where maintaining that streak can be difficult – like when you’re sick or if you’re traveling.

In this post I’ll share with you how I maintain my Peloton streak while sick and while I go on vacation.

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What is a Peloton Streak?

There are two different types of Peloton streaks. One Peloton streak is when you workout consistently every day and the other is when you workout weeks in a row. You can get both the daily and weekly streaks if you have a daily streak going.

How to Keep Peloton Streak Going While Sick

It can be such a bummer when you’ve worked hard on maintaining a Peloton streak and then sickness hits. Thankfully there are a few ways that you can keep your streak going even while you’re sick.

Now I definitely don’t recommend forcing yourself to do anything uncomfortable – after all, if you’re sick the best thing you should do is rest! But there are a few types of workouts you can do even when you’re not feeling well.

My favorite workout to do when I’m sick is a meditation. I find the meditations are particularly helpful for me when I’m sick and am having trouble falling asleep. The sleep meditations help me fall asleep pretty quickly! These would also work well if you’re trying to take a nap.

A few other types of workouts you could do are:



Light walk (if you’re feeling up for it)

How to Keep Peloton Streak Going While on Vacation

How do you keep your Peloton streak going while on vacation? Thankfully Peloton makes it easy to do! All you need is your phone, tablet or laptop to be able to stream the Peloton digital content (or even check to see if your hotel has a Peloton bike! Peloton has this helpful hotel locator that can tell you which hotels have actual Peloton bikes in their gyms).

If your gym doesn’t have a Peloton bike or tread, you can stream the workouts on a device and those workouts will still count towards your streak. The only thing is that you will need cellular or wifi connection in order to play the workouts – unfortunately at this time there isn’t a way to download workouts. Peloton does have a preloading button for classes but I’ve found that you still need wifi or cell data to get the workout to play (preloading just helps make the class not buffer).

If you don’t have any equipment or access to a gym, there are a few other types of workouts you can do! Here are a few of my favorites to do:

Outdoor classes – both walking and running. You could even do a tread workout outdoors, but the app wouldn’t capture your distance or tell you when it’s time to turn around like they do in the outdoor classes.

Resistance band training – these are great workouts and resistance bands are easy to travel with. These are my favorites to use when I travel.

Bodyweight workouts – you can filter in the strength section to “bodyweight” workouts and all of these workouts can be done without equipment. Currently there’s over 350 bodyweight classes ranging from 10 minutes all the way up to 30 minutes!

Yoga – Peloton has yoga classes called “Yoga Anywhere” that don’t require equipment. They do have a few chair yogas in that section that can be done with any type of chair.

Meditation – These classes don’t require any special equipment to do!

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Peloton Streak Badges

There are a few different Peloton streak badges you can earn!


Daily streaks are streaks that happen when you work out consistently for days in a row. The workouts don’t need to be the same to have a streak (you don’t need all cycling classes or running, it can be a mix of any Peloton class). Currently you’re awarded streak badges for:

3 day streak

5 day streak

7 day streak

10 day streak

20 day streak

30 day streak

45 day streak

60 day streak

Weekly Streaks

Similar to daily streaks, there’s also a streak for how many weeks in a row you workout. These streaks can also be made up of any workout done on Peloton. Currently there are streak badges for:

3 week streak

5 week streak

10 week streak

20 week streak

30 week streak

40 week streak

52 week streak (1 year)

60 week streak

70 week streak

80 week streak

90 week streak

104 week streak (2 years)

125 week streak

156 week streak (3 years)

175 week streak

208 week streak (4 years)

To maintain this streak all you need to do is workout at least once during the week.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post has been helpful and helps you maintain your streak! Peloton does a great job at creating content that can be used in different scenarios, like going on vacation or being sick. If you are sick, I really do recommend listening to your body and taking it easy – you don’t want to push yourself too hard too soon and end up feeling worse!


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