I Took a Life Time Fitness Ultra Fit Class and Here’s What Happened

I’ve been getting more into strength training and decided to try out a Life Time Fitness Ultra Fit class. These classes are a part of Life Time Fitness small group training classes and are included in all Signature level memberships.

I have to say, I was incredibly impressed with the class and left feeling challenged but also accomplished.

lifetime fitness workout space

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The Ultra Fit class focuses on building overall strength, mobility, and agility through a mix of traditional weight lifting moves as well as balance and stability exercises using equipment such as Bosu balls and yoga balls.

life time fitness ultra fit pin

Life Time Fitness Ultra Fit

Ultra Fit is a small group training class at LifeTime Fitness that’s led by a certified personal trainer. This class is an hour long and is a combination class with part of the time being spent on the treadmill and the other half on the floor doing exercises.

Unlike GTX class, Ultra Fit focuses on more balance, agility and mobility. All the moves are doing either on a Bosu ball or yoga ball.

ultra fit set up with yoga balls and bosu balls

Don’t worry if you’re uncoordinated like me – there are modifications the trainers can provide, as well as different Bosu ball levels that make it easier or more difficult.

Recommend Gear

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Class Structure

Ultra Fit Classes are broken up into small sections, with each only only lasting 4-5 minutes.

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Each section begins with a treadmill section. You determine your base pace for class (anywhere from 4 mph to 6 mph), and then depending on the section will increase your pace from there.

The trainer will call out cues like “base plus 2” which would mean taking your base pace and adding on 2 mph.

life time ultra fit class example

The treadmill sections are quick bursts to get your heart rate up, and then after that you move onto the floor for the strength section.

The floor section is usually 2 or 3 moves, lasting about 2 minutes and then it’s back on to the tread to do a new, similar round.

Example Class

Here’s an example of what to expect in a full body class:

Block 1 – Core

  • Base Pace: 3 Minutes
  • Stability Ball Declines: 1 minute
  • Stability Ball Crunches: 1 Minute

Block 2 – Back

  • Base Pace + 1 mph: 1 minute
  • Bosu Ball Lat Pulls: 1 minute
  • Stability Ball Row: 1 minute

Block 3 – Chest

  • Base Pace + 2 mph: 1 minute
  • Stability Ball Chest Press: 1 minute
  • Stability Ball Chest Flys: 1 minute

Block 4 – Shoulders

  • Base Pace + 3 mph: 45 seconds
  • Bosu Arnold Overhead Press: 1 minute
  • Bosu Lateral Raises: 1 minute

Block 5 – Legs

  • Base + 4 mph: 30 seconds
  • Bosu Squats: 1 minute

Block 6 – Agility

  • Base + 4 mph: 30 seconds
  • Bosu Kettle Bell Figure 8: 1 minute

Block 7 – Arms

  • Base + 4 mph: 30 seconds
  • Stability Ball Skull Crushers: 30 seconds
  • Bosu Bicep Curls: 1 minute

Block 7 – Anarobic Block

  • Base + 5-6 mph: 15 seconds
  • Recover: 1 minute
  • Repeat 4 times

Block 8- 1 Minute Plank

My Ultra Fit Experience

I took my first Ultra Fit class as part of a competition my gym was running and I had no idea what to expect. I’ve become comfortable with GTX and really like that, I’ve been curious to see how Ultra Fit compared.

The first thing I noticed is that Ultra Fit is geared towards running. Treadmills start at 1% include and the goal is the run during the treadmill sections.

The instructor cued us to find our base pace, or our easy running pace. This pace would be used during class as a reference as he’d later go on to cue us to add anywhere from 2-4 mph onto our base pace.

The treadmill sections were quick little sprint bursts that went by really fast. The goal is to raise your heart rate quickly before the floor section.

Floor Section

Oh, the floor.

This was the one section I was extremely nervous about.

I’m a runner and have come to terms that I have a lot that could be improved when it comes to flexibility, mobility and agility.

The floor section was humbling for me.

While the moves themselves weren’t difficult (lateral raises, bicep curls, etc.), the hard part was balancing on the bosu ball or yoga ball.

life time fitness ultra fit pin

This added layer of challenge really pushed me in a new way. It almost reminded me of the exercises my physical therapist would have me do when I was working on rebuilding my core after having kids.

The instructor was great at providing help for others like me that struggled with the balancing part. There were alternative moves we could do, as well as I learned there are different levels of bosu balls that make the workout easier or more difficult.

Ultra Fit Review

Overall I thought the Ultra Fit Class was amazing. The added stability and agility work really worked my core in ways I haven’t before.

The day after the workout my inner core was incredibly sore, but in a good way!

lifetime fitness workout floor

This is a workout I’m planning to incorporate with my running and training.

I can see how it would really help me develop my strength and balance, and rebuild my core.

I highly recommend giving this class a try if you’re looking to challenge yourself in new ways and improve your overall fitness.

Ultra Fit Class Schedule

Ultra Fit classes are offered a few times a week, but exact timing will vary. The best way to find what time these classes are is to check your club schedule on Life Time Fitness’ website or app.

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