Be With Me: The Children’s Playseum Revisited

What is the Be With Me: Children’s Playseum?

The Be with Me Children’s Playseum is both a toy store as well as a play center all in one! The play area has 13 different “City Shop Play Areas” that are all unique themes. Currently the City Shop Play Areas are:

  • Come Shopping with Me in the Grocery Store – this is a kid sized grocery store, complete with groceries, cash register, shopping carts.
the kid sized grocery store with carts at playseum

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  • Save the Day with Me at the Fire Station – a mini fire house with little fire truck, jackets, helmets and everything you need to pretend to be a firefighter
  • Enjoy the Outdoors with Me Up North – this is one of my favorites! Pretend to be up north with a kid sized cabin, “fishing” activites, huge trees (check in the little tree holes and you might find some cute friends!), and a pretend campfire and s’mores.
  • Come Be Healthy and Strong with Me – A kid sized doctor’s office! Dress up like a doctor, check temperature, and put together a skeleton puzzle.
  • Make a Delicious Italian Pizza Pie – everything you need to make pretend pizzas!
  • Come Put on a Show with Me at the Theater – Dress up in hundreds of costumes and perform on stage! There’s also a cute little puppet theater.
  • Celebrate Heritage with Me in the Scandinavian Cafe – This is a pretend restaurant that has a kid sized kitchen and everything you need to pretend to make a Scandinavian meal!
  • Play in the Snow – This is one of the cutest rooms! It’s a winter wonderland with little “snowballs” and cute animals like this deer. This was a huge hit with my toddler!
  • Visit Grandma and Grandpa’s House – This room has things you might remember from when you were a kid – like old toys, typewriters, and rotary phones
  • Explore the Dentist’s Office – Everything you need to be a mini dentist! There’s a little check up chair, dentist outfit, and reception area.
  • Create the Ultimate Taco – Learn how to make the perfect pretend taco!
  • Care for Animals with Me – Pretend to be a vet in this mini vet office. After your pet’s checked out, take care of them with the little grooming station where you can bathe and brush life size dogs and cats.
  • Fix Minnesota Roads – Pretend to drive in one of 3 cars and trucks or pretend to fix potholes. My toddler loves this section and pretending to drive the different cars!

In addition to the City Shops, they also have an art center, baking center, science center and activities like story time with staff.

What Ages Is Playseum For?

Playseum is a great place to play at any age. There’s a section for babies and young toddlers, as well as each of the City Shop Play rooms has activities and toys for kids of all ages.

Where is it located?

Playseum is currently has 3 locations:

  • Annapolis, MD
  • Bethesda, MD
  • Minnetonka, MN

How Much is Admission?

Admission is $9 a person for anyone older than 1. Admission is good for an entire day so you could leave to grab lunch and come back. They do also have family memberships that start at $85 a month.

What are Playseum’s Hours?

Currently, the Minnetonka Playseum hours are:

  • Monday – Thursday: 11am-4pm
  • Friday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
  • Sunday: 12pm – 6pm
main area at Playseum and the toddler section

Is Playseum a Toy Store or a Play Area?

It’s both! When you walk into Playseum there’s a side that has cute toys and activities you can buy (including my favorite,Melissa and Doug toys!) and some really cute costumes you can buy to bring home. The sides are well separated so you don’t have to worry about kids wandering into the toy store section.

Playseum Review

My daughter and I are a huge fans of Playseum. It’s been a few months since our last visit and now with my toddler being a little older it’s really fun to see how she interacts and plays with the different city shops. Lately her favorite city shops have been the “Snow with Me” one where they have little snowballs for a snowball fight. She also loved this adorable deer!

Another big hit with her right now are play houses. Playseum has 2 big play houses (one right when you walk in and another camping themed one in the “Outdoors with Me Up North” city shop room.

One new addition that I loved is that in each of the 13 different city shop rooms there are prompts on ideas on how to play in each room and different activities to try. An example from the Up North Play Area:

  • Walk between the trees, reach down and touch the grass. Close your eyes and imagine the marsh around you, look up at the starry sky above you. …Oh! A shooting star; did you make a wish?
  • Let your child go inside the tent and find what equipment they’ve packed for the journey. What else would they bring? What shouldn’t be brought to a campsite? Why not?

Overall we love Playseum and it’s been a great addition to the Ridgedale Mall. My toddler could spend hours here and never get bored, and I love that she’s learning while she’s playing. It’s also nice that the admission is valid for an entire day so you can come and go throughout the day.

How is Playseum Keeping Safe?

Playseum has a ton of procedures in place to keep the play area and store clean, sanitized and safe!

  • Everyone over the age of 5 is required to wear a mask – including staff.
  • Toys are sanitized often. When we visited we always saw staff cleaning off the toys and play areas. They also have bins where you can drop off toys that need to be sanitized.
  • They’re practicing social distancing by allowing 1 family in each of the play room. When we visited this worked out really nicely and we were able to space out and
  • There are extra hand sanitizer stations set up

Current Playseum Coupons and Promotions

  • Mention Champagne and Coffee Stains at your next visit for Buy 1 Get 1 Free Admission!
  • Now through the end of October, when you buy a monthly membership you can get a free Halloween costume


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