Obvi Super Collagen and Protein Review

Protein is an important part of the diet, but admittedly it’s been tough for me to hit my daily goals without the help of supplements. I recently have been reading about the benefits of adding collagen to your diet, especially while pregnant, so when I heard about Obvi Collagen and Protein powder I was instantly interested!

In this blog post, I’ll share with you my experience with Obvi, my favorite recipe, and if Obvi collagen protein powder is actually worth it.

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Obvi provided a sample for me to review, but I also purchased a few others. All opinions are my own.

What is Obvi?

Obvi is a supplement company that has products like collagen protein powder, collagen burn, and other dietary supplements.

Collagen Benefits

Studies have shown that collagen supplements can help improve joint mobility, decrease joint pain and inflammation, repair connective tissue, build strong bones as well as teeth. According to some studies, collagen can also possibly help with stretch marks in pregnant women as well.

Obvi Super Collagen Protein Review

Obvi sent me a canister of their Super Collagen Protein powder and I was super excited to try it! I’ve heard great things about adding collagen to your diet – especially while pregnant – so I had been wanting to add it in without adding a ton of extra calories to my diet.

I started adding the collagen powder to my overnight oats and it was perfect! It not only got me my daily collagen, but it also added in a little protein boost to my oats so I stayed full all morning long. The Super Collagen Protein powder has 9 grams of protein in it so it doesn’t really compare to a full-on protein powder (those usually have 20-30g of protein), but it does have the added benefit of collagen to it.

The unflavored protein powder was exactly that – flavorless – and I found that it mixed in really easily to my recipes.

After I finished the unflavored powder, I ordered the fruity cereal. This reminded me of fruity pebbles and I read that it tasted just like it! I was excited to try it!

When it arrived I decided to make a smoothie with it and did a scoop of the collagen protein powder and 8 oz almond milk. I found that it was a little too sweet for me.

The next day I decided to try adding it to my overnight oats (and skipping the usual agave I add). This ended up being more balanced and I enjoyed this a lot more than the protein shake. I probably could’ve also done a half scoop of fruity cereal and a half scoop of unflavored to taper down the sweetness, but I haven’t tried it yet.

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How to Use Super Collagen Protein

The super collagen protein is advertised that it can be mixed into almost anything, but I’ve found that that’s not 100% true unless you’re constantly mixing.

I first tried to add the unflavored mix to my lemonade and found that it got super chunky unless I constantly mixed it. It was also super quick to clump up once I stopped mixing.

I read in the Facebook group that people like to add it to their coffee, so I decided to give that a shot. That was also a disappointment because – just like with the lemonade – it just separated and became super chunky unless I was stirring constantly.

My favorite way to take the protein powder is to either add it to a protein shake (my favorite is with almond milk) or mix it into my overnight oats. I’ve started making mini overnight oat “shooters” with the collagen protein powder and this has become my preferred way of taking it. I’ve used both the unflavored and cereal flavored and they’ve both been great and mix in really well.

I also like that since I started adding in the cereal protein powder to my overnight oats, I’ve been able to eliminate adding in any sweeteners so it’s actually made my overnight oats a little lower in calories and an extra protein boost. Obvi also has recipes for other things like baked goods that sound really good too!

Flavors Available

Obvi has 10 flavors currently available and is adding new ones every month or so. Their flavors range from the traditional ones like chocolate, vanilla, and unflavored to more fun flavors like birthday cupcakes, peanut butter cups, and marshmallow cereal.

How Much is Obvi?

Obvi can range in price from about $35 to $43 a can, depending on the flavor. They usually do run coupon deals so you can get it for a little less.

Where to Buy Obvi

Obvi can be purchased through their website, on Amazon, or at GNC stores.


Overall I like Obvi collagen protein powder in my overnight oats and will continue to use it. It’s an easy and tasty way to get in both my collagen and protein and completely removed the need for any added sugar! I also really like that they have a ton of different fun flavors so you can have variety with your powders. After I have my baby, I’m excited to try the other supplements they have.

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