Peloton Bike Shoe Guide (and How to Get a Free Pair)

When I was researching buying a Peloton bike, one thing that popped up to me was that I would need to purchase special Peloton bike shoes to use with the bike.

Spinning was all new to me, and buying bike shoes was a whole new world!

I ended up buying my bike shoes as part of the package when I initially bought the bike.

Since my original purchase, I’ve learned a lot about the Peloton bike shoes and available alternatives.

In this blog post, I’ll go over my review of the Peloton bike shoes, alternatives to them, how to even get a (practically) free pair, and more.

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Peloton Shoe Sizing

When ordering Peloton bike shoes, the first thing you’ll notice is that the sizing is a little different than regular sneakers and running shoes.

Peloton uses European (EU) sizing for their shoes, similar to other spin bike shoes.

The sizing converts to:

Size 36 – US Women’s Size 5

Size 37 – US Women’s Size 6

Size 38 – US Women’s Size 7

Size 39 – US Women’s Size 8

Size 40 – US Men’s Size 7, US Women’s Size 9

Size 41 – US Men’s Size 8, US Women’s Size 10

Size 42 – US Men’s Size 9, US Women’s Size 11

Size 43 – US Men’s Size 10, US Women’s Size 12

Size 44 – US Men’s Size 10 1/2

Size 45 – US Men’s Size 11

Size 46 – US Men’s Size 12

Size 47 – US Men’s Size 13

Size 48 – US Men’s Size 13.5

When you’re buying a shoe, the goal is to have the shoe fit the same as a running sneaker. The shoe shouldn’t be too tight or too loose and should support your arch.

I found when I ordered my pair that they did fit true to size. For reference, I usually wear a size 10 in Brooks sneakers and ordered the Size 41 and it fit perfectly!

overhead of a pair of bike shoes

Peloton Bike Shoe Review

When my bike arrived, the delivery team also brought the shoes I ordered with them. I ordered a pair for my husband and me, and we ordered the shoes based on our regular sneaker price.

The shoes are pretty sleek-looking and designed to match the bike perfectly. The shoes are black with red accents. As for the fit, they were super comfortable when I put them on, but I noticed they are super slippery!

Be careful if you have hardwood when walking around because you can definitely wipe out pretty easily.

side of peloton bike shoes

Once you put on the shoes, you adjust how tight the shoes are by “clicking” the top notch until it feels tight enough on your foot.

To loosen, release the clip, and it’ll loosen the strap. Once that’s adjusted, attach the velcro, and you’re all set!

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My Tip to Getting the Perfect Fit

My favorite way to get my shoes to fit just right is to tighten them just enough before clipping in and then adjusting once I clip in to make them just a little tighter.

I’ve also found that the right sock makes a huge difference in how the shoes fit as well (my favorite pair to wear when I cycle are Bombas).

Clipping In and Out

I’m not gonna lie – this was tricky at first! I had never done a spin class before I got my bike, so it did take a little bit to get used to clipping in and out.

I was so afraid at first that I’d break the pedal (or even my ankle) with how hard I had to move my ankle and foot to get it to unclip.

After practicing and watching Youtube videos, I got the hang out of it, and now it’s super easy to get on and off the bike.

Here’s a super helpful video I found on Youtube:

YouTube video

I have heard some riders just leave their shoes clipped in all the time, so that’s another option, too, if you’re having issues!

How to Buy Alternative Shoes

If you prefer to use a different type of shoe, the most important thing to look for is that the spin shoe is a delta compatible cleat.

These are the types of shoes that will connect automatically to the bike pedals.

bottom of peloton bike shoes

Delta compatible shoes will feature the delta symbol on the cleat, which is three triangles pointing to each other.

The spin shoe should also call out in the item description if it’s a delta compatible shoe.

How to Get an (Almost) Free Pair of Peloton Bike Shoes

Did you know you can actually get bike shoes for pretty much free when you buy the Peloton Bike or Bike+? Yes, it’s true, and that’s how I got my pair!

To get a free pair of shoes, you’ll need a friend’s referral code. When you go to buy your Peloton Bike or Bike+, you can enter this code into the checkout, and it’ll give you $100 off accessories for the bike.

When you go to select your bike accessories, you can pick a package that includes shoes. Currently, Peloton has these accessory packages available:

Bike Essentials – Includes Peloton Shoes, Set of Weights (choose from 1,2, or 3lbs), and headphones.

Bike Works – includes all the above, plus a heart rate monitor and bike mat.

Bike Family Set – Includes two pairs of shoes, two heart rate monitors, two water bottles, two pairs of headphones, one set of weights, and one bike mat.

When buying accessory packages, you can also add these to your Affirm loan if you’re using financing to buy the bike.

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Best Socks for Spin Shoes

This was one thing I definitely didn’t think about! I tried to use my regular socks but quickly found they were too thin, and I ended up with a few blisters. When I tried to use my thicker running socks, I found those were way too thick and uncomfortable.

After searching and asking around, I learned that Bombas were the best sock to use with my shoes. I was hesitant to buy at first because of how pricey they are, but after reading reviews and having them recommended to me so many times, I decided to give them a try.

I am so happy I did! The socks are the perfect size for the shoes and hold up really well. I’ve had some pairs of Bombas now for 8 months, and they still look and feel like they’re brand new – usually, at this point, my old socks would’ve had holes in them.

Peloton Shoes for Kids

While Peloton doesn’t officially sell kid-size cycling shoes, kids could technically use adult-size shoes if they fit.

If your kid’s feet are too small for the smallest shoe available, you could also look into installing a Peloton toe cage so they can use any sneaker with the bike.

Peloton Toe Cage

Another option to spin shoes is to attach a toe cage to the pedal so any sneaker or shoe can be compatible with the bike pedal. You’ll often find these on Peloton bikes that are shared by a lot of people – like hotels or gyms.

Peloton doesn’t sell an official toe cage, but there are plenty available on Amazon like this one.

The benefit to a toe cage is that anyone can use the bike without having a pair of spin shoes.

The downside is that some people might feel that a regular shoe isn’t as secure when clipped in with a toe cage.

Is It Worth it to Buy Peloton Shoes?

I think it’s definitely worth buying the Peloton bike shoes, especially if these are your first pair of spin shoes.

They’re a basic pair of shoes that get the job done and aren’t overpriced compared to similar cycling shoes.

Plus, they’re delta compatible shoes, so you could also wear these to an in-studio spin class.

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Final Thoughts

Peloton shoes are worth the investment because they’re a basic pair of spin shoes, and you can get them as part of an accessory package. These packages often include other useful items, like heart rate monitors or bike mats.

I’ve had mine for a few years now, and they’ve held up great and have been worth the investment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Peloton branded shoes?

No, you don’t need the Peloton branded ones to use with a Peloton bike. The bike is compatible with any delta compatible cleat.

How Much Do Shoes Cost?

Shoes cost $125 a pair and can be purchased on Peloton’s site.

Occasionally, you can find a used pair discounted on sites like Poshmark, eBay, etc. but just keep an eye out for counterfeits.

How Often Should Shoes Be Replaced?

There’s really no defined time when shoes should be replaced.

When they start to get worn out is recommended, but there’s no mileage requirement like running shoes.

Can I Use Referral Credit to Buy New Shoes?

Unfortunately, the credits you earn for referring friends can only be used in the Peloton boutique for apparel and accessories – which doesn’t include Peloton shoes.

Do Peloton Shoes come in half sizes?

Some of the Peloton shoe sizes are equivalent to US half sizes. Check the sizing chart to see which shoe you should order. If you’re in between sizes, I recommend going up a size and pairing the shoe with a thicker sock.

Does Peloton Work with Any Bike Shoe?

The Peloton Bike and Bike+ aren’t compatible with every shoe.

They use a delta lock system, so you need to have delta compatible cleats.

When Do the Shoes Arrive?

When I ordered my bike and shoes, both pairs arrived when I got my bike delivered.

I have heard from others that sometimes Peloton will ship shoes separately, and those might come before your bike is delivered.

Does Peloton Sell Toe Cages?

Peloton doesn’t sell toe cages, but you can buy third-party ones to make it work. Peloton does sell replacement shoes, pedals, and locks.

Does Peloton Have a Return Policy?

Yes, Peloton accepts returns for up to 14 days after you receive the shoes if they’re unused. If they’re used, you can exchange them for a different size here.

Do the Bike and Bike+ Use the Same Shoes?

Yes, both the Peloton Bike and Bike+ use the same type of shoes.

Do Hotels Use Peloton Shoes?

One surprising thing you might find is when you go to use a Peloton bike at a hotel is that they don’t usually use Peloton shoes.

Most Hotel Peloton bikes have a toe cage so any shoe can work with them. It’s up to the hotel if they have a toe cage or clip in pedals.


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    1. Thank you for sharing!! I’m so happy they added that! I’ve had so many guests that want to use my bike but don’t have shoes so this is perfect!

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