The Ultimate Guide to Peloton Facebook Groups

Let’s be honest- working out at home can sometimes be a little lonely. When I used to work out my Orangetheory studio, I used to love the community aspect of it and found that it helped motivate me to stay on track. From working out with other people to group challenges – there was always something that kept me motivated!

When I started working out at home last year with Peloton I quickly searched for some groups to join to meet other fans and was pleasantly surprised to see that there were so many groups to choose from! From Instructor fan groups to Peloton hobby and interest groups, there seems to be a group for everyone.

Here’s a complete list of instructor fan groups, as well as some official Peloton Facebook groups, and some not-so-official but still super fun groups.

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Why Join a Peloton Facebook Group?

I love joining Peloton fan Facebook groups because it makes me feel connected to the community. I’ve been a member of the You Get to Crew (Jess Sim’s fan group) and have met some great Pelo-friends through it!

I also love sharing my journey with other Peloton users. It’s nice to have the support and encouragement from a like-minded community, who also want to take part in challenges etc. For example, last year we had an unofficial “Tribe War” between all the different groups that was so fun to participate in!

Instructor Fan Groups

Each Instructor has their own Facebook group where fans can connect. Here’s a list of each Facebook group for instructors:

Aditi Shah

Adrian Williams

Anna Greenberg

  • Facebook Group: Unknown
  • Hashtag: Unknown

Alex Toussant

Ally Love

Andy Speer

Becs Gentry

Ben Alldis

Bradley Rose

Callie Gulickson

Chase Tucker

Cliff Dwenger

Christine D’Ercole

Cody Rigsby

  • Facebook Group: #BooCrew
  • Hashtag: #BooCrew

Daniel McKenna

Denis Morton

Emma Lovewell

Hannah Corbin

  • Facebook Group: Unknown
  • Hashtag: #TeamHannahCorbin

Hannah Frankenson

Jenn Sherman

Jess Sims

Jess King

Kendall Toole

Kirsten Ferguson

Kristin McGee

  • Facebook Group: Unknown
  • Hashtag: #McGeesYogis

Leanne Hainsby

Marcel Dinkins

Matt Wilpers

Matty Maggiacomo

Olivia Amato

Rad Lopez

Rebecca Kennedy

  • Facebook Group: Unknown
  • Hashtag: #RKSolidCrew

Robin Arzon

  • Facebook Group: Unknown
  • Hashtag: #RobinsWolfPack

Sam Yo

Selena Samuela

Tunde Oyeneyin

Peloton Related Groups

Peloton Nutriton

This is a great group to talk about nutrition and learn about different diets.

Click Here to Join

Official Peloton Members Group

I’ll be honest – I have a love/hate relationship with this group. This is an officially run Peloton group but it doesn’t really seem like it’s moderated so there are quite a bit of snarky and rude comments that get through. This group is a huge so if you have a question you’ll definitely get it answered, but prepare for possibly some rude responses.

Click Here to Join

Official Peloton Moms

This group is another official group by Peloton that is a good resource to not only talk about Peloton, but also mom things.

Click Here to Join

Peloton Tread

Just like the name says, this group is for all things Peloton Treadmill.

Click Here to Join

Hardcore on the Floor

This is my all-time favorite group for strength training. Each month they release a free workout calendar that features “Stacks” (or groups) of workouts to do together, as well as ride or cardio pairings.

Click Here to Join

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Peloton Preggos + Postpartum

This is a great group to connect with other #Pelopreggos and learn about pregnancy and postpartum modifications.

Click Here to Join

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Final Thoughts

Peloton Facebook groups are a great way to connect to the Peloton community and can help keep you motivated on your fitness goals!

Is there a group I should add to this post? Let me know if the comments!


  • Ali Van Straten

    Ali Van Straten is the founder and journalist of Champagne and Coffee Stains. She is a Peloton expert, certified running coach and certified nutrition coach. Champagne and Coffee Stains provides information and resources on Peloton Interactive, running and recipes.

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