Everything You Need to Know About Peloton High Fives

I’ll be the first to admit I’m super cheesy, especially when working out.

Partner Workouts? Let’s go team!

Themed workouts? I’ll be the first to dress up.

So when I found out that there was a feature on Peloton where I could send and receive virtual high fives I was all about it!

There’s just something that makes the workout feel so much more fun when you know there’s someone else doing it with you, and encouraging you along the way.

Peloton High Fives are a feature that’s automatically installed on your Peloton Bike, Tread or the Digital App.

To send a High Five, all you do is click on the person’s image next to their leaderboard name – that’s it!

It’ll send them a notification that they received a high five from you and they have the option to return a high five.

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Peloton High Five Etiquette

There’s no official rules on the how to high five, but there have been quite a few topics on it on the Reddit Peloton Board.

Ultimately it’s up to you if you send high fives and return high fives.

I personally love high fives and will send them out during my rides, especially during the parts that I’m struggling with. If Im doing a Power Zone Challenge, I’ll also do a quick filter to my live team members and give them a high five too.

I don’t expect a high five in return but it’s pretty cool when I do get one!

How to Fix Peloton High Fives

With the latest software update I’ve noticed that my high fives don’t always work.

I can generally tell if my high fives aren’t working if I’m on a live ride or super popular ride like the Power Zone Challenge rides (1,000+ members) and I don’t receive a single high five I know something is probably up.

There are 2 ways to fix this issue:

Turn off and Unplug the Peloton Bike and wait 5 minutes.

If that didn’t work, you can reset high fives by clearing the cache on the tablet. To do this:

Click on settings (top bar on the tablet)

Click on “App” and then select “Peloton”

Click Force Stop

Click on Storage and then click on “Clear Cache” – be careful not to select Clear Data because this will wipe all the data off the Bike!

Turn off the tablet and wait 2 minutes before turning back on

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Peloton High Fives?

Peloton high fives are a virtual way to connect with other Peloton members.

A high five sends a notification to the other member and they have the option to high five you back.

How to Send a High Five

To send a high five, click on the image next to a person’s leaderboard name and that’s it!

They’ll get a notification that you sent a high five and have the option to send you one back.

Can You High Five on the Peloton App?

Digital users can also high five the same way as Peloton members can!

I have noticed that when I’m on the digital app I usually receive less high fives than when I’m on my bike – I think it might have something to do with not showing up on the leaderboard.

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What is a Leaderboard Name?

A Leaderboard name is like your screen name for Peloton. This name shows up on the class list (or leaderboard), in your pofile

Can Peloton Instructors See You?

No, Peloton instructors can’t see or hear you when you workout.

They can see the leaderboard however and see total outputs.

Can I See How Many High Fives I Receive?

While there isn’t a count anywhere on how many high fives you receive on a ride, you can scroll through the notification tab in the ride and see how many you receive.

This can be fun to do because sometimes instructors will hop into rides and send out some high fives!

Is There a Limit on How Many High Fives I Can Receive?

According to the Peloton Blog, “you can’t give or receive more than one high five per minute to a single Member”.

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