Running with Peloton Outdoors

Being a runner is something that I have always enjoyed. But over the past few years, my body has changed and I have been struggling to find the time to maintain this part of my life. Add in being pregnant, and running can take it’s toll on me – both mentally and physically.

I started doing Peloton Outdoor workouts and it’s completely changed my approach to running. Peloton Outdoor Runs are helping me get back into running again! In this blog post we will explore what they are all about, how you can join in, and why it’s so great!

picture of a lake
Scenery from my outdoor run

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What is Peloton Outdoors?

Peloton Outdoors are audio files that you can listen to while working out outside. They’re instructor led workouts – like the ones you’d find on the bike – where the instructor will tell you what to do. Unlike the tread classes where an instructor will call out paces, Peloton outdoor classes are based more on perceived exertion.

screenshot of peloton outdoor run before starting

Peloton Outdoor Review

I first started out with Peloton Outdoors last year and was skeptical because I wasn’t sure how listening to a workout would go. However, within the first 5 minutes I was hooked.

Similar to a Peloton class, the workouts start off with a warm up (this can range anywhere from 2 to 8 minutes) and then right into the workout. During the warm up the instructor will usually tell you the game plan for the day so you’ll know exactly what to expect. The instructors also walk you through different drills – think butt kicks, zombie walks, etc. I feel a little silly doing these outside so usually end up skipping them and continue on a light walk.

When the workout starts the instructor will tell you what you’re supposed to be doing and cue you through the entire workout, just like in the regular tread classes. I’ve found that the instructors aren’t too overly chatty during the workouts and actually do help me stay motivated. They also have really good playlists!

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Benefits of Peloton Outdoor Workouts

My favorite thing about Peloton Outdoors is being able to take my favorite instructors with me as I’m outside. We only have a few months of nice weather here in Minnesota so it’s nice to be able to change up where I workout and get outside.

I also like the fact that the focus during these workouts is perceived effort vs. a pace. It’s a really nice change and mentally it helps me enjoy these runs a lot more than when I’m fixated on maintaining a pace.

The runs and walks also count towards your daily streaks and badges (including the mileage one) so it’s a nice way to change up your workout and get outside!

finished peloton outdoor run with metrics

The workouts also have almost all the same metrics – except output – as the treadmill class so you’ll be able t compare the workout to a treadmill workout. If you use a heart rate monitor (I use my apple watch) you’ll also be able to get a Strive Score.

Apple Watch and Peloton Outdoors

I use my apple watch when I run with outdoors with my iPhone so it’ll pair automatically. I have noticed though after I start a workout on my phone, I’ll have to look at my watch (or shake my wrist) to get the watch to register that the workout has begun.

On the watch, it’ll show you your heart rate and then if you swipe right the screen will change to show you how much time is left in the workout. There isn’t a place on the screen for pace which I actually really like. I’ve found if I have pace showing on my watch I get so focused and fixated on it that I end up not enjoying my run.

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Downside of Peloton Outdoor Workouts

One big downside to the Peloton outdoor is that the app can be buggy when you’re out running. I’ve had it stop completely in the middle of a run before which is super frustrating. I have had to preload all the runs for my game so that it does not happen and that completely fixes the issue.

Another downside is there’s not a whole lot of new content released. On a good week, there might be 2 runs or walks available, but sometimes they’ll go weeks without releasing any. It would be really nice to see more runs and walks added more often – as well as longer runs and walks!

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Favorite Peloton Outdoor Instructors

It’s tough to pick favorite Peloton instructors because all the workouts are so unique. I’ll generally pick an instructor based on the mood I’m in and what type of music I want. I usually end up choosing:

  • Jess Sims – her runs are really fun runs, and usually have a 1:1 work and rest ratio. I also love that she’s also originally from the Northshore Massachusetts area (like me!) so she references things that bring back memories. Her playlists are also always on point!
  • Chase Tucker – His walks and runs are similar to Jess Sims and usually are equal work and rest. I also really like his playlists!
  • Matt Wilpers – His walk and runs might as well be called runs! He usually has longer intervals than other instructors – like one run we did 5-6 minutes, and then walked for half the amount of time.
  • Adrian Williams – I just started doing his workouts and really like them! The ones I’ve tried are usually heavier on the runs (a 2:1 ratio) but the intervals aren’t too long in length

Peloton Outdoor Safety Concern

One thing to note about doing Peloton Outdoor workouts is that by default the app is set to share your route with the Peloton community in your profile. You can turn this off under settings.

If you have it turned off you’ll still be able to see your route privately, but others won’t be able to see it.

Here’s my guide on how to hide your running route from displaying on your workout.


I hope this was helpful! I love running outdoors, but it’s not always easy to get motivated. The Peloton Outdoor app is great for those days you need a change from your normal routine and can be really motivating when you’re looking for something new. To quote Chase Tucker, don’t sleep on Peloton outdoors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Find Peloton Outdoor Classes

Peloton outdoors can be found in the Peloton digital app in their own selection called “Peloton Outdoors”.

Can Peloton Classes Be Downloaded?

Yes – I recommend doing this before you go out to workout! Preload your workout by clicking on the little cloud icon with a down arrow and then click on the red preload button.

screenshot of peloton outdoor run before starting
preload class screen in peloton app

What Do Peloton Outdoor Classes Count Towards?

Peloton outdoor classes will count towards their respective exercise – a run will count towards a run, a walk will count towards a walk. Walk and Runs will always count towards a walk

When Are New Workouts Released?

Workouts can appear any time, but I’ve notice they’re usually released on Fridays.

Do I Get All The Same Metrics in an Outdoor Run as I do in a Tread Class?

You’ll get all the same metrics except output. If you wear a heart rate monitor (I’ve been using my apple watch), you’ll also be able to get a Strive Score.

Is the GPS/ Distance Accurate?

The gps is close but not completely accurate. I tried running with my Peloton app and my garmin watch and noticed that my Peloton app always said my distance was .1-.2 miles further than my Garmin watch (and a slighlty better pace according to Peloton). After asking around on Facebook, I learned that the Garmin was more accurate because it uses GPS whereas my phone was using any cell phone towers that were nearby

Who are the Peloton Outdoor Instructors?

Peloton outdoor instructors are the same as the tread instructors. I really hope they add more soon! I’d love to do an outdoor run with Kendall.

How Long Are the Workouts?

Workouts can range from 10 – 60 minutes. If you want to do a longer run, you could always stack 2 workouts together!

Do Peloton Outdoor workouts count towards monthly mileage challenges?

They do! The miles you run outside will count towards your running mileage badge.

Can you high five during outdoor runs?

At this time, you can’t send high fives or interact with other people doing outdoor runs.

Do I Need a Peloton Bike or Treadmill to get access to outdoor runs?

No you don’t need a Peloton bike or tread to do outdoor runs! They’re available to anyone with the digital app. If you do have a Peloton Bike or Tread, you get free access to the digital app as well and can download the outdoor workouts through that.


  • Ali Van Straten

    Ali Van Straten is the founder and journalist of Champagne and Coffee Stains. She is a Peloton expert, certified running coach and certified nutrition coach. Champagne and Coffee Stains provides information and resources on Peloton Interactive, running and recipes.

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  1. I just finished my first Peloton outdoors run just now. (Currently cooling off in garage as it was 95 out – poor day to get back at it). I’ve used my Peloton bike for a little over a year now and the only gripe I have for it is the same I bow have for outdoor runs. My issue is that once the prerecorded workouts end so does the app from confusing to register and record your metrics. So if you were feeling good and had time for another ten minutes on the bike or in my case just now, weren’t quite home yet when the workout ended, you’re shorted that time and distance (.3 miles in my case just now). I wish there was a mode to just keep counting until you stop longer than some predefined time period or you manually end the workout. Seems straightforward enough, especially on the bike since it keeps updating your metrics.

    Only gripe I have though. Great tools.

    1. I wish they’d continue recording too! I used a workout for a race and the workout ended but I still had like .5 to go. It would’ve been nice to have an option to “keep running” or something so it’d record the distance. Or even if there was an option to stack classes so it wouldn’t just turn off.

      1. The Android app does have the same features as IOS. For one, there is no GPS tracking. Perhaps consider uncaring the article to mention there are differences.

        1. That’s good to know there’s no GPS with android! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Do you still have to carry your phone with you in addition to having the Apple Watch?

    1. You do 🙁 I haven’t figured out a way to get it to stay connected without having my phone with me

      1. Mackbailee says:

        This feature would be perfect if you did not have to bring your phone. Such a pain to have to run with the phone in your hand!!

        1. Yes!! It would be so nice if you could load the runs onto an apple watch and leave the phone at home

  3. Jessica Ackley says:

    I’ve been using my Peloton bike for a little over a month and am about to start my first outdoor run with the app – thanks for sharing! I was curious about how it worried with the Apple Watch so this was really helpful.

  4. Can you connect the peloton hr Monitor with the outdoor run workouts like you can with the strength classes in the app?

    1. You should be able to! The peloton heart rate monitor uses Bluetooth so should be able to connect to your phone to record your heart rate

  5. Tom Gliserman says:

    I would love more outdoor content. I’m running out!

  6. Hi, thanks for all this great info! I do Peloton outdoor runs very frequently. The last time peloton dropped any outdoor runs was on 9/10! I’m bummed that they seemed to have stopped posting them. Do you happen to have any idea what’s going on with them? I hope they’re not going to stop posting new ones!
    Thx again for the great post!

    1. You’re welcome! I’m not sure what’s going on – they recently did release an outdoor marathon training program so it seems like they are still coming up with some new content, but not as much as before! Last year they released most of the outdoor content during the typical summer months (April – Aug-ish), and then went back to more tread content so maybe that’s their usual schedule? It would be nice to get new outdoor content yearround though!

  7. Hi. I am trying to understand if I NEED the Apple Watch to track my outdoor runs or is the iPhone sufficient?

    1. I think the iPhone alone is enough! I just switched from using an Apple Watch to Garmin and went for a run with my Garmin (it doesn’t sync to the Peloton app) and the distance still calculated. It was about .1 off from the mileage my Garmin gave me. The metrics were all there (pace, mile splits, and elevation) however it was missing strive score and heart rate info since I didn’t have a paired watch.

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