Peloton Postpartum Program Review

I’ve finally been cleared to work out now that I’ve hit my 6-week mark! At my 6 week appointment, my doctor completely cleared me to workout, but I’m still being cautious with exactly what I resume. It took 9 months to create a baby and it’ll take some time before my body is back 100%.

When I was looking through classes I found that Peloton had a whole section of workouts specifically for postpartum! I’ve had a chance to take them now and in this post, I’ll share with you the details on the classes, how to find them and how they compare to other popular online postpartum courses.

As always, please check with your doctor before starting any workouts postpartum!

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Postpartum Classes vs. Regular

The biggest difference between postpartum classes and regular core classes is that the postpartum workouts are more mindful of the moves they do. The moves are diastasis recti safe and don’t involve any crunching or planking.

Peloton Postpartum Classes

I was so excited to see that Peloton now has postpartum classes! The classes are taught by Robin Arzon and focus on rebuilding the core and pelvic floor muscles. These classes aren’t meant to be a replacement for pelvic floor therapy if you need that, but they are good basic classes for any postpartum mom.

The classes focus on doing simple movements, like practicing breathing techniques and doing bridges. These aren’t the hardest or most intense workouts in the world, but they’re deep small movements that are extremely beneficial to rebuilding the pelvic floor.

Benefits of Pelvic Floor Exercises 

There are a ton of benefits to pelvic floor exercises and rebuilding your core. The biggest benefit is that it will strengthen the muscles that support your bladder, uterus, and rectum. This will improve continence and decrease incontinence episodes.

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Peloton Classes vs. Other Pelvic Floor Classes

After I had my first baby 3 years ago (and long before I had a Peloton), I signed up for another popular online pelvic floor course. I did the course and absolutely loved the results I had – I could run without any bladder issues and my stomach felt (and looked) back to normal.

I was planning on taking this same course again this time around, but I ended up trying Robin’s classes before enrolling. I’m so happy I did because I found that the moves and structure of Robin’s classes are extremely similar to the online course I was going to enroll in!

In the other course I did, the instructor would tell you what the circuit would look like, demo the moves, and then you’d be on your own to count reps, keep time for breathing, etc. In the course with Robin, you follow along with her as she does the workout too.

I prefer Robin’s style because I find I get too distracted if I need to be checking my watch or phone to time things. I also like that while you’re doing the workout Robin is saying motivational phrases and chatting about being a new mom. She’s so relatable and listening to her take on momming has really helped me look at it and the return to fitness in a new light. One of my favorite things she says is that we shouldn’t be focusing on bouncing back – but instead focus on rebuilding.

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    Sample Schedule

    I’ve started adding in these postpartum classes into my daily workout routine in place of where I’d usually do core work. My plan is to continue to do these classes, as well as some light cardio and strength training until I hit the 12 week mark. Once I hit 12 weeks I’ll start adding in some running and more intense workouts, like bootcamps.

    My planned schedule:

    Monday: 30 minute Power Zone Endurance ride, 10 minute postpartum core, 20 minute chest and back workout

    Tuesday: 20-30 minute Hike, 10 minute postpartum core, 20 minute glutes and legs workout

    Wednesday: 30 minute Power Zone Endurance ride, 10 minute postpartum core, 20 minute upper body workout

    Thursday: 20-30 minute power walk, 10 minute postpartum core, 20 arms and shoulders

    Wednesday: 30 minute Power Zone Endurance ride or hike/power walk, 10 minute postpartum core, 20 minute lower body workout.

    Weekends I’ll try to squeeze in a workout, but more than likely it’ll be me chasing around my toddler.

    Since there are only 6 postpartum core classes (update: it looks like Peloton is continuing to release new postpartum classes! There’s now 8 classes available!) , I’ll be alternating 2 each week. The classes build on each other so it is important to go in order when you’re first beginning the series. Here’s how I plan to do them:

    Week 6: Classes 1 + 2

    Week 7: Classes 2 + 3

    Week 8: Classes 3 + 4

    Week 9: Classes 4 + 5

    Week 10: Classes 5 + 6

    Weeks 11 and 12: mixing up the 6 classes (more than likely I’ll repeat my favorite ones).

    How to Find the Postpartum Classes

    As of this blog post, the postpartum classes and mixed in with the pregnancy workouts. To find them, go to the strength section and filter to “Pre/Post Natal” under the class type filter.

    The postpartum (or postnatal as they’re referred to) classes will pop up first. It’s important to do these for the first time in order, so scroll down to the first postpartum workout (it’s from 9/17/21) and work your way up.

    I’m hoping in the future Peloton will put them into a special section or collection so they’re a little easier to find, as well as know what order to go in.

    As of right now, there are only postpartum core classes, but maybe in the future, they’ll add in some other workouts.

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    Final Thoughts

    I’m so glad I found these classes, and so glad Peloton is slowly adding more content especially catered to postpartum women back into the app. It’s very important that we don’t just jump right back into our pre-baby workout routines after birth – no matter how much we think we’re ready for it!


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