Power Zone Endurance Ride

One of the best ways to work out with Peloton is taking a Peloton Power Zone Endurance Ride. These rides are a part of the Peloton Power Zone training program and always guarantee a good workout.

If you’re new to the Peloton world, you might be wondering “What’s the difference between a power zone endurance ride and a regular cycling class?

The Peloton Power Zone Endurance Ride is tailored to help cyclists of every fitness level discover their power zones and build upon them.

It’s not just about going fast or being the strongest in the pack; it’s about understanding your body’s ability to maintain different power outputs over extended periods.

Think of it as personal training on the bike!

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The Peloton Power Zone training uses an FTP (Functional Threshold Power) test to determine your individual zones.

The idea of this test is to measure the maximum average power you can maintain for 60 minutes – this becomes your FTP score.

Based on this, the cycling power zones are delineated from zone 1, which is aerobic and low intensity, all the way to zone 7, which focuses on anaerobic capacity and is the highest intensity.

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What is a Power Zone Endurance Ride?

At the heart of Peloton’s Power Zone Training is the Power Zone Endurance Ride, a unique and strategically designed workout that focuses on building stamina and enhancing aerobic capacity.

So, what sets this ride apart from the rest?

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The Power Zone Endurance Ride exclusively alternates between zones 2 and 3 for extended periods. These zones, rooted in aerobic training, are pivotal in fostering a solid foundation for endurance.

By remaining in these zones, cyclists engage in steady-state exercise, allowing the body to adapt to sustaining effort over longer durations.

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This adaptation, in turn, plays a significant role in enhancing one’s ability to endure prolonged physical activity without fatigue.

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While these rides might be called ‘easier’ in comparison to the more intense Power Zone and Power Zone Max rides, it’s important to remember that “easier” doesn’t equate to “ineffective”.

The Power Zone Endurance Rides, although gentler on the intensity scale, still provide a robust workout.

They are tailored to help cyclists reinforce their aerobic base, teaching the body to use oxygen more efficiently and to steadily burn fuel, laying down the groundwork for more demanding workouts.

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The Power Zone Endurance Ride is similar to the long, steady runs for marathoners – it’s all about building that foundational stamina.

While you might not find the heart-pounding thrill of the high zones here, you’re engaging in an equally essential aspect of training: cultivating endurance and resilience.

power zone graph
A graph of the Power Zone Endurance ride with a goal line from PZ Pack’s App

How to Add Power Zone Endurance Rides into Your Training Schedule

Here’s how to add Power Zone Endurance rides into your training schedule:

Identify Your Low-Impact Days

Power Zone Endurance Rides are essentially low-impact workouts. They serve as a counterbalance to those high-intensity, adrenaline-fueled sessions.

Whenever your training schedule calls for a day where you want to be active but not overly taxing on your muscles, these rides are the perfect fit.

They allow you to keep moving and training without adding undue stress on the body.

Frequency Matters

While the ideal number can vary based on individual fitness goals, incorporating 2-3 Power Zone Endurance Rides a week is a good starting point for many.

This offers a balance, ensuring you’re getting the aerobic benefits without overdoing it.

Pair with Intense Sessions

Consider pairing these endurance rides with days when you indulge in more intense workouts, like Power Zone Max rides. This allows you to maintain your fitness momentum without over-exerting.

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For instance, after an intense anaerobic session one day, slot in a Power Zone Endurance Ride the next to allow for active recovery.

Listen to Your Body

Above all, it’s crucial to listen to your body. While these rides are designed to be low-impact and focused on endurance, everyone’s body reacts differently.

If you find that you’re feeling more fatigued than usual, consider adjusting the frequency or interspersing with rest days.

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If you want a done for you training schedule, I recommend looking into a Power Zone Pack (PZP) Challenge. They provide weekly training schedules that you complete as a team and tell you exactly which classes to take on which days.

How to Find Power Zone Endurance Rides

Peloton Power Zone Endurance Rides can be found on the Peloton bike or inside the Peloton app.

Go to Cycling Workouts

a screenshot of the peloton app

Then click on Filter

a screenshot of the peloton app

Then Click on “Power Zone”

a screenshot of the peloton app

Click on Show Classes

a screenshot of the peloton app

The app and Peloton bike will now show all the Power Zone rides. Scroll through and any of the rides that are labeled “Power Zone Endurance Ride” are the ones you will want to take.

Best Power Zone Endurance Rides

Ready to try a Power Zone Endurance Ride? Here are the best ones to take on Peloton:

Gear Needed

Here is the gear you’ll need to participate in a Power Zone Endurance Ride:

  • Peloton Bike or other indoor cycling bike
  • Comfortable Clothes
  • Peloton Shoes (if using a Peloton bike)
  • Water Bottle
  • Towel
  • Fuel like a banana or gel (if over 60 minutes long)
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