How to Create a Custom Peloton Power Zone Training Schedule

If you’ve been taking Power Zone Rides you might be wondering if there is recommended Peloton Power Zone Training Schedule. The beauty of Peloton Power Zone Training is that it is completely customizable and creating a schedule is no different.

However when you’re creating a custom workout schedule, you’ll want to follow a little guidance to make sure your training program isn’t too intense or too easy.

Peloton’s Instructor Matt Wilpers recently provided helpful insights into crafting a personalized cycling routine that maximizes both effort and recovery, making sure riders get the most out of every session.

power zone training workout schedule

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Ready to jump into making your own personalized workout schedule using Power Zone classes?

Let’s get into exactly how to create a balanced training plan.

How to Create a Peloton Power Zone Training Schedule

Matt Wilpers, a Peloton Power Zone instructor, recently shared in a Facebook post how to create the perfect training schedule.

Here’s how to do it.

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The beauty of the power zone training schedule is that it’s all about YOU. Whether you’re juggling work, kids, or just life, here’s how you can tailor your rides to fit your needs:

Set Clear Goals

What are you aiming for? General fitness or training for an event? Knowing this will make your next steps clearer.

a screenshot of the peloton app

Ride Frequency

Most riders, like you and me (not the pros!), fit in about 3-6 rides a week. Busy people might stick to 3, while those with a bit more wiggle room can ramp it up to 5 or more workouts.

Here’s an example of a sample schedule:

  • 3 Rides a Week: Tues, Thurs, Saturday
  • 4 Rides a Week: Tues, Thurs, Saturday, Sunday
  • 5 Rides a Week: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat, Sun

Plan Recovery

We all love back-to-back episodes of our favorite shows, but back-to-back workouts? Not so much.

Space the workouts out!

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Choose the Right Workouts

Think of this as your Netflix playlist – some days you want drama, some days comedy.

Similarly, mix up your rides between Power Zone Endurance (PZE) or the more challenging Power Zone (PZ) and Power Zone Max (PZ Max).

Commit & Re-Evaluate

Lock in your schedule, do an FTP warm-up and test, then ride on! In 4-6 weeks, see how you’ve improved and tweak if needed.

example power zone training plan

Example Schedule

Here is an example of how to schedule in Power Zone classes into your schedule:

3 Rides a Week

  • Tues (Easy or Hard)
  • Thurs (Easy or Hard)
  • Saturday – 60 Min PZ or PZE Ride

4 Rides a Week:

  • Tues (Easy or Hard)
  • Thurs (Easy or Hard)
  • Saturday – 60 Min PZ or PZE
  • Sun (Easy)

5 Rides a Week

  • Tues (Easy or Hard)
  • Wed (Easy)
  • Thurs (Easy or Hard)
  • Sat – 60 Min PZ or PZE
  • Sun (Easy)

Easy generally means Power Zone Endurance (or PZE) and Hard generally means Power Zone (or PZ) or Power Zone Max (or PZ Max).

To find how easy or difficult a class is, I recommend using Power Zone Pack’s library. You can filter by class on TSS (Training Stress Score) – the higher the TSS of a class, the more difficult it is.

More Peloton Power Zone Resources

Here are some more Power Zone blog posts that will help you with your workouts:

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How to Improve Your Peloton Output

Do you do Power Zone training? What does your weekly schedule look like? Leave a comment below and let us know!

peloton bike in my home gym

How to Make a Peloton Power Zone Training Schedule

Yield: 1 schedule
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Here is how to make the perfect Peloton Power Zone training schedule for you. Whether you do 3 classes or 5 classes a week, here is how to balance your workout.


  • Peloton Bike or Peloton App


  1. Define Your Goals - is cycling a main focus or is it being used as cross training?
  2. Set your ride frequency - Most non-pros ride 3-6 times a week. If you're limited on time, aim for 3 rides a week. If cycling is your main focus, aim for 5 rides a week.
  3. Plan for Recovery Days in between Workouts - Avoid stacking workouts consecutively. For example, if you're doing 3 rides a week try to plan them for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  4. Choose Your Workouts - if you're trying to build general fitness, stick to a simple routine. If you have specific goals, you might have a more complex schedule.
  5. Stick, Test, and Re-Evaluate - Take an FTP test every 4-6 weeks, then rebuild your training schedule.


    Example Schedules:

    • 3 Rides: Tues (Easy/Hard), Thurs (Easy/Hard), Sat (60 Min PZ/PZE)
    • 4 Rides: Tues (Easy/Hard), Thurs (Easy/Hard), Sat (60 Min PZ/PZE), Sun (Easy)
    • 5 Rides: Tues (Easy/Hard), Wed (Easy), Thurs (Easy/Hard), Sat (60 Min PZ/PZE), Sun (Easy)
    • Note: Easy = Power Zone Endurance (PZE) and Hard = Power Zone (PZ) or Power Zone Max (PZ Max)

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