Everything You Need to Know About Peloton Sessions

Last year, Peloton very briefly introduce a new feature on the bike called Peloton Sessions. It was in beta mode for a few months before it was pulled. Recently, Peloton relaunched the feature and now it’s available for everyone on the Peloton bike!

In this blog post, we’ll review what a Peloton Session is, how to join one, and more!

What is a Peloton Session?

A Peloton Session is similar to an encore ride but is offered more frequently.

I believe every half hour or so (it might be more frequent), a new group of “sessions” will be available. These are select rides that the leaderboard will be cleared and those joining the session will compete against each other. Only those that are participating in the session will show up on the leaderboard (you can also join the class as “not in session” and won’t show up on the session leaderboard).

Currently only on the Peloton bike but they did test previously on the tread so it might be making its way to the treadmill soon.

Benefits of Peloton Sessions

If you’re competitive, sessions can be a fun way to see how you compare and compete for the top spot on the leaderboard. You could also use sessions as a way to schedule a group ride and get friends to join for a friendly competition.

peloton bike in my home gym

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Downsides of Peloton Sessions

The downside to a Peloton session is that you have to wait for the session to begin, and can’t just instantly jump into class. There also don’t seem to be a lot of people participating in sessions (at least when I’ve been on) so it might be a little boring to be riding with yourself.

How to Join a Peloton Session

Joining a Peloton Session is easy! When you’re on the main menu of the bike there will be a section on top of upcoming sessions. You can select between those classes and click to join the session. You can also see how much time until the session begins and how many people are participating.

There’s also occasionally the option when you join an on-demand class. You’ll know if there’s a session starting soon because a special popup will appear and ask you if you want to join.

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How Much Do Peloton Sessions Cost?

Sessions are a free feature that’s included in your monthly Peloton membership.

Peloton Sessions Review

I tried the Peloton sessions feature when it first came out and I just didn’t really “get” it. I’m also not super competitive with the leaderboard so for me, there just wasn’t any benefit to waiting a few minutes to jump into a live session. I bought the Peloton bike so I could work out any time I wanted to so making me wait a few minutes seems silly to me (and if I wanted to wait, I’d rather do a live class!).

However, I’ve read in groups that some people absolutely love sessions and find that it can be really motivating.

Ultimately it’s up to you and if you want to participate in sessions!

I’d love to hear if you’ve participated in a Peloton session!


  • Ali Van Straten

    Ali Van Straten is the founder and journalist of Champagne and Coffee Stains. She is a Peloton expert, certified running coach and certified nutrition coach. Champagne and Coffee Stains provides information and resources on Peloton Interactive, running and recipes.

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  1. Paul Briamonte says:

    When I was sent a short questionaire from Peloton describing the Sessions concept, I told them that I didn’t think that competitive races would hold much interest for me as I do not see my Peloton rides as a competitive endeavor. I am not a great cyclist and I know it. I’m just there to get my exercise.

    A few months after Sessions went live, I thought, what the heck. I’ll give it a try just to see what it’s like. To my great surprise, I got into the spirit of it. I started out doing nothing different than usual. About a quarter way into the ride, I saw that I was in 4th place out of 9 riders and I said to myself, “let’s see if I can finish in the top half”. Pretty soon, I was passed by the biker behind me. I found myself trying to stay close to him to see if I could possibly out kick him in the second half of the ride. I couldn’t believe this actually mattered to me. But it did! I tried to push myself to stay near him. What I found was that when I did push myself and started to get close to him, he suddenly would push himself too to maintain his lead over me. Sure enough, in the end, I couldn’t catch him and finished 5th. But meanwhile, I finished with more watts from that ride than I had all year. I was hooked because I could see that Sessions gave me more motivation than I had ever found before on my Peloton. Ever since that day, I look for Sessions rides every time I’m on the bike.

    1. I think I’m going to have to give sessions another try! Thanks for sharing your experience

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