How to Get a Shout-Out During Your Next Peloton Class

If you’ve taken a Peloton class before you’ve noticed that most instructors will give a shoutout to members during class. Have you ever wondered how to get a shout-out of your own? In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about shout-outs and how to get one yourself!

What is a Peloton Shout Out?

A Peloton shout-out is when an instructor calls your leaderboard name during a live Peloton class. This can be super motivating and fun!

How to Get a Peloton Shout Out

There’s no official way to get a shout out but here are some tips to help you get one on your next ride.

Milestone Ride – if you’re celebrating a big milestone ride (one with a badge) you’re more likely to get a shout-out. Usually the bigger the milestone the more likely the shout-out .

Birthday Ride – Peloton instructors can see when it’s your birthday and will often do shout-outs for those celebrating

Funny (and mostly appropriate) Leaderboard Name – If you have a fun leaderboard name you’re more likely to get a shout-out than a bland name. Be careful though – if your leaderboard name has any inappropriate words in it you might not get a shout-out.

Interact with Instructors on Social Media – Interacting with instructors on social media can help them notice you and be more likely to give you a shout-out when you’re in class. Don’t bug them though!

Attend Class Early – Arrive to class 2-5 minutes early and instructors will usually do a pre-show and have some shout-outs during that time.

Suggest Songs for Rides – In groups like Power Zone Pack there will be posts where you can suggest songs for an upcoming ride playlist and during the ride, you’ll get a shout-out. I suggested one for a Matt Wilpers ride once and I ended up getting a shout-out from it!

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What Happens When I get a Shout Out?

Nothing really happens when you get a shout-out, but it does make you feel good! I once had a shout-out from Matt Wilpers during a ride and it definitely made

How Many Shout-Outs are There During a Ride?

There’s no set amount of shout-outs during a ride or run. Some instructors give out a lot while some instructors don’t give out any.


Shout-outs are a fun part of the Peloton experience that makes the rides and runs more interactive.

Have you ever gotten an instructor shout-out?

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