How to Request a Song on Peloton

Have you ever been on a run or a ride and heard the instructor thank someone for requesting a song? I have an always thought it would be so cool to hear one of my favorite songs being played during a Peloton ride!

In this post I’ll share with you how to request a song from an instructor and hopefully you’ll hear your favorite song on a ride or run in the near future!

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How to Request a Song

Before we get too far, I want to point out that there’s no right or wrong way to request a song and I’ve learned that some instructors love playing requested songs and others don’t play any.

I’ve noticed that Matt Wilpers seems to play the most, especially since on the weekends his long endurance rides (the 60+ minute power zone rides) are called “All Request Rides”. Matt partners with the Power Zone Pack to create the playlist each week.

To request a song for this ride, join the group Power Zone Pack on Facebook. Every Monday there will be a post by Chris Merrill with a google document where you can enter in the song you request, your leaderboard name, and any milestones. They request that you only make 1 request a week (unless you have a milestone – then you can submit 2) and sometimes the weeks will have themes. Any genre song is welcome to be added and there really aren’t any other rules other than only putting in 1 song a week.

It’s hard to say if your song will be chosen since there are usually over 300 songs submitted. I’ve submitted a few and so far I’ve had one chosen. It was so fun to hear my unexpected callout during a ride!

I haven’t noticed any other instructors doing anything like this, but they will mention some requested songs. The best way to find out how to request is to follow your favorite instructor on social media (instagram seems to be a favorite with them), or join their respective facebook fan group.

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The Best Types of Songs to Request

There really is no best type of song to request when it comes to Peloton. They do a really great job of playing diverse music, and even the all request rides will vary greatly in genres.

Some of the best songs to request are higher energy songs. If you are looking for a song to help push your pace, look for an uptempo beat that will keep you moving! However, I’ve noticed on Matt’s rides he’ll mix in a few upbeat songs and some slower songs so it really is all genres and types of music on these rides!

Final Thoughts

Requesting a song for a Peloton ride or run can be a fun way to make the workout even more personal! I hope this post has been helpful on how to request a song for a ride and good luck getting your song played! I’d love to hear in the comments what song you’d love to hear on a Peloton ride.


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