Run4PRs Training Plan Review

When I decided to sign up for the Twin Cities Marathon, I knew I’d need to have a plan. In the past, I had joined running clubs to train but now that I have 2 kids I just don’t have time to meet with a running group after work and on the weekends.

I went online and started to search for training plans and coaching options when I stumbled across Run4PRs.

Run4PRs popped up on my Instagram one day and I was intrigued. They had a ton of posts with tips for runners of all levels, as well as some really funny reels.

I decided to look more into their programs and ultimately decided to give them a try for my marathon training plan.

I ended up running with them for 4 months to train for my marathon! I even signed up again with them as I prepare to run the Chicago Marathon next year!

Here’s my experience with Run4PRs and what you need to know before signing up.

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Key Takeaways

•Run4PRs is an online coaching program that provides a training program for your specific race goals written by a certified running coach.

• Programs are based on your current level of fitness and can be customized weekly or monthly, depending on your plan.

• Run4PRs offers three different levels of coaching support, including Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages. They also offer nutrition and strength training options.

• Training plans emphasize running easy for 80% of runs – something that took some time to get used to but ultimately saw the benefits in being able to run farther and faster without feeling exhausted after every workout.

What is Run4PRs?

Run4PRs is an online coaching program that provides a training program for your specific race goals.

The programs are written for you by a certified running coach and are built based on your current level of fitness.

I really liked that on their Instagram not only did they provide helpful tips, but they also seemed like they really understood runners in all different phases.

Run4PRs training emphasizes running easy for 80% of your runs, which for someone like me who is so used to racing my workouts for Strava, this was a hard concept to embrace.

I’ll admit it was tough at first to start running slower, but once I started doing it (and listening to the Run4PRs podcast) I started to see the benefits.

I was able to run farther and faster without feeling exhausted after every workout.

Run4PR Coaching Plans

They offer a few different plans with varying level of support. Here’s the current plans they offer:

Bronze Coaching

This plan includes a 100% customized monthly training plan, email support, and a TrainingPeaks account to track your workouts.

This plan is currently $90 a month and can be canceled at any time.

Silver Coaching

This plan includes everything that the Bronze includes, as well as race day prep and goal setting, twice-a-week check-ins, unlimited adjustment to training, and regular feedback from your coach.

This plan is $165 a month and can also be canceled at any time.

Gold Coaching

This plan includes everything the Silver package includes, but also includes monthly phone calls and unlimited texting with a coach.

This plan is $270 a month and can be canceled at any time.

They also offer strength training plans and nutrition plans for an extra fee.

How it Works

When I signed up, I filled out a form with some basics on my running history, my goals, and what I was looking for in a coach. Within about a day, I heard back from them and was matched with another mom runner, Meghan.

We chatted over e-mail, and I was able to share more with her about my running history, as well as my schedule and some race day goals I had in mind.

With all that info, Meghan went and set up a plan for me, and we got started right away on marathon training!

I had recently run a race the first time I signed up, so I was able to use that as a base to get my training paces.

When I resigned up for my Chicago Marathon training, I was asked to do a time trial to get an updated time and calculate my updated paces.

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My Experience and Review

I used Run4PRs training for 4 months as I prepared for my marathon, and I absolutely loved it. My coach, Meghan, created the perfect training plan for me that never felt overwhelming, and she was even able to incorporate some fun races throughout the season to help me prepare. Every day I looked forward to the workouts, which were entered into the app Training Peaks.

It also really helped me having someone plan my workouts for me, so I didn’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out what to do on my own.

Once I completed the workouts, my Garmin would automatically sync with Training Peaks, and my coach could see all the details of my workout. I also could write feedback about the run, and she could provide her feedback.

For the most part, my training consisted of mostly easy runs, with one or two-speed workouts a week and 2 days of strength work. I loved this setup and feel like it prepared me so well for the marathon.

I also liked that during the process, Meghan encouraged me to sign up for some smaller races (5Ks to half marathons) to get a feel for racing and to see how this marathon training was working for me.

Meghan provided me with achievable goals for each race as well as a mile-by-mile racing strategy! I was able to program her paces into my Garmin watch and get real-time guidance as I did each race.

Want even more details of my training? Be sure to check out my training recaps from month 1, month 2, month 3 and race day!

Training Peaks

Run4PRs uses Training Peaks as their app for their training plans, like many other online coaches do. For the most part, I like Training Peaks but do have some small issues with them. When you first sign up with Training Peaks, they give you a 2-week premium membership.

This membership includes the ability to schedule time off, get notifications when your coach comments on your workouts, and see detailed insights into your workouts.

However, after the 2 weeks you lose access unless you pay $20 a month.

This feels like basic features that should be included with a Training Peaks account, however it’s easy enough just to e-mail my coach with my days off so I’ve been able to work around it.

Run4PRs and Peloton

While I was training for the marathon, I did use my Run4PRs training plan with Peloton treadmill and outdoor classes. I find that these classes make the runs go by so much faster, especially the long runs.

Ultimately my number 1 goal for each run was to complete the workout according to my coach’s guidance. Usually, this meant running easy, so during the Peloton classes I’d ignore call outs for pace increases and just maintain my speed.

At first, I felt kind of weird doing this, but after doing a few endurance runs with Becs I quickly realized I wasn’t the only one doing this as she’d mentioned other members doing that too!

This was a huge relief and made me realize that I was still doing the right thing by sticking to my coach’s plan.

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Is It Worth It?

Overall I think a Run4PRs coaching plan is completely worth it. While I didn’t PR in my Twin Cities Marathon race, I did find that this was the most prepared I had ever been for a race.

I felt so strong on the course, and I know it was because of the plan my coach created for me.

I also loved learning all the details of why I was doing what I was doing.

I’m the type of person that needs to have a reasoning behind a workout or long run, and between my coach, the Run4PRs Instagram, and podcast, I learned exactly why my training plan was the way it was and the benefits.

I feel like through my training with Run4PRs I really learned how to be a better athlete.

How to Get Started

To get started with Run4PRs, you sign up on their website here. The sign up has a little questionnaire where you can provide your background and goals so it can help them match you with a coach.

Run4PRs offers free 7 day trial so you can get a feel for the training before committing.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, I think that Run4PRs is a really great coaching resource for runners.

It’s especially great for those who are looking to train smarter, get better at running and become more knowledgeable about their own training.

At first, the pricing might seem a little high, but once you compare to comparable personalized training plans with other coaching companies, you will find that it is actually quite reasonable.

It’s also nice that unlike other programs – like McKirdy Trained- there’s no long-term commitment required.

I believe that if you are serious about improving your running performance and avoiding injuries, investing in Run4PRs will be worth it.

Whether you’re an experienced runner or just starting out, I highly recommend giving Run4PRs a try. You won’t be disappointed!

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