Playtime Fun with Sago Mini Box (Review)

Springtime in Minnesota can be such a tease. We got lucky a few weeks ago and Easter was beautiful and in the 80’s, but the past few weeks have been cold and rainy.

Last weekend we had an extra chilly weekend so we decided to stay inside and check out a new subscription box we got – the Sago Mini Box!

Sago was kind to provide us a box to sample, but all opinions are our own!

What is Sago Mini Box?

Sago Mini Box is a monthly educational subscription box for ages 3-5. Each box has 3 age appropriate activities, as well as a collectible figurine. Boxes are sent once a month in the middle of the month. Each box has a different theme with activities that relate to that theme.

Sago Mini Boxes can be ordered through their website,

Inside a Sago Mini Box

The box we received was themed “Airplanes”, which my toddler, Little A was super excited for because she had just been learning about airplanes and traveling at school!

wrapping inside the mini box

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When we opened the box we unwrapped the tissue paper and found 3 big envelopes, a map and a wrapped little gift. We also noticed that the inside of the box was decorated like an airport and could actually be taken apart to create a 3D airport!

opening the mini box

A was super excited to open gift first.

A unboxing the sago mini box gift

Inside, she found a cute little robin pilot figurine who we later learned was named Captain Robin. He’ll be our pilot for the rest of the adventure!

Next, we went to the envelopes. Each envelope was sealed and had a label on the front of who they were from and what order to do them in. We started with Activity #1 from Robin called “Pilot in Training”.

the 3 envelopes inside the box

Sago Mini Box Activity #1

When we opened the envelope we found a letter explaining what the activity was. We learned that we would be helping Captain Robin and putting together airplanes and destinations!

The kit came with 3 cardboard airplanes, wings and a tale that could be put together. I showed A how to do one and then she was able to put them all together by herself. The airplanes were adorable and all had different themes to them.

opened sago mini box with airplanes put together

The Activity also came with 3 “destinations” cut outs that were double sided. We had a blast pretending to fly our airplanes from the runway at our airport and having them land on the different islands!

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Sago Mini Box Activity #2

After we had fun with the first activity, we decided to see what activity #2 was. We opened the envelope and found another letter explaining that we needed our passport and stickers to travel, as well as we needed to pack for our adventure!

$10 Sago Mini Box Promotion

We got a copy of a passport that was packed with different coloring activities, puzzles and a few stickers to put inside the passport. The puzzles were a little too old for A, but she had a lot of fun putting the stickers inside and walking around with a passport – she still brings it into the car every time we go to school!

We also found a cardboard suitcase and when we opened it we found cut out shirts, shoes and hats that we had to fit into our suitcase. A had a lot of fun putting together the puzzle, and then really loved walking around with her suitcase and

sago mini box suitcase activity

Sago Mini Box Activity #3

After we filled out passport with stickers, we decided to open Activity #3. Inside we found another letter and this time it explained we’d be getting our camera ready and taking pictures!

There was a small camera to put together and inside were a bunch of little paper “pictures” that A could color. She had so much fun pretending to take “pictures” and seeing how they came out!

How to Order a Box

Monthly boxes can be ordered through Sago’s website here. When you order you’ll have 2 subscription options:

  • Monthly: This plan makes the boxes $19/month and can be cancelled any time. The first box ships free and then shipping is $4.
  • Annual: This plan makes boxes $15/month or $180 for the year.

Is the Sago Mini Box Worth It?

Absolutely. We had a blast with the mini box and it’s a toy that A still asks to play with.

I was hesitant at first if the box would keep A’s attention but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. From the initial unboxing to a few weeks later, A is a huge fan of the Sago Mini Box. From playing with the airplanes to carrying around her “passport”, she’s always playing with some part of the box.

I’ve also been impressed with how well the box and pieces have held up with her constant play. The cardboard is durable and has held up with her rough play (dare I say it almost looks like new?). Even the “airport” box has held up.

Overall I’m really impressed with both the quality and thought that went into creating the monthly Sago Mini Box. The storyline and characters are all so cute, and I’m impressed with how it’s really sparked A’s creativity.

inside the sago mini box

Sago Mini Box Coupon Code

Click here to order your box and use the code “BOX10” to get your first box for only $10!

$10 Sago Mini Box Promotion


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