Impress Your Guests with These Simple yet Elegant Pasta Creations

Pasta is a staple ingredient in many kitchens, and for good reason. This versatile carb can be transformed into an endless variety of dishes, from classic Italian favorites to modern fusion creations. But let’s admit it, sometimes a simple spaghetti with store-bought sauce just won’t cut it when you’re trying to impress your guests. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help you create some simple yet elegant pasta dishes that are sure to wow your guests and leave them wanting more. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to elevate your pasta game with these delicious recipes!

Spicy Italian Sausage Pasta

pasta with sausage

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Photo Credit: Jawns I Cooked

Great for busy weeknights, or any night you’re craving pasta, this Spicy Italian Sausage Pasta is fast, creamy and satisfying! With a rich tomato-based cream sauce and plenty of crumbled spicy Italian sausage, this easy pasta recipe is a great pasta dish you can make in about 20 minutes!

Get the Recipe: Spicy Italian Sausage Pasta

Chicken Sausage Pasta

chicken sausage with spaghetti
Photo Credit: Noshing with the Nolands

This very easy Chicken Sausage Pasta is also bursting with zucchini, onion, garlic, Parmesan, and pine nuts. It comes together in a matter of minutes.

Get the Recipe: Chicken Sausage Pasta

Linguini Alfredo

fork with spaghetti
Photo Credit: Noshing with the Nolands

Linguini Alfredo is always a family favorite but I love how fast and easy it is to pull together. Only a few ingredients are needed and you have a masterpiece of a meal.

Get the Recipe: Linguini Alfredo

Steak Pasta

steak and pasta
Photo Credit: Adventures of a Nurse

Steak pasta has the succulent tenderness of perfectly cooked steak intertwined with the comforting allure of al dente pasta, resulting in a marriage of flavors and textures that is simply

Get the Recipe: Steak Pasta

Lemon Garlic Pasta

fork with spaghetti
Photo Credit: My Kitchen Serenity

Lemon Garlic Pasta takes on 30 minutes from start to finish! With its creamy lemon garlic sauce, asparagus, and peas mixed in with penne pasta, it’ll become your favorite go-to dinner!

Get the Recipe: Lemon Garlic Pasta

Instant Pot Olive Garden Chicken Pasta

olive garden pasta
Photo Credit: Sparkles to Sprinkles

Instant Pot Olive Garden Chicken Pasta is an insanely easy dinner recipe that practically cooks itself. Tender, juicy chicken that is creamy and savory. 

Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Olive Garden Chicken Pasta

One Pot Pappardelle Pasta Primavera

pasta with lemons
Photo Credit: Craving Something Healthy

This One Pot Pappardelle Pasta Primavera is a fast, easy dinner that cooks in one pan, so cleanup is a snap. It’s a delicious way to get lots of vegetables in every bite.

Get the Recipe: One Pot Pappardelle Pasta Primavera

One Pot Vegetable Pasta

pasta with veggies
Photo Credit: Ty Berry Much

This simple one pot vegetable pasta is packed with hearty fresh veggies and cooked in a creamy tomato sauce until al dente.

Get the Recipe: One Pot Vegetable Pasta

Creamy Garlic Skillet Shrimp

A creamy and delicious skillet dinner made with pasta and shrimp that takes no time at all to assemble and only requires 2 kitchen pans to make.

Get the Recipe: Creamy Garlic Skillet Shrimp

Pizzaiolo Pasta

pasta with tomatoes
Photo Credit: The Rebel Chick

This easy one pot pasta recipe is a mix between pepperoni pizza and Mac and cheese! It’s a go-to easy dinner when things are busy in our house!

Get the Recipe: Pizzaiolo Pasta

Turkey Lasagna Casserole

turkey ziti casserole
Photo Credit: Mason Fit

If you’re looking to make a lower calorie pasta dinner, this turkey lasagna casserole is a great option. Everything comes together in a single pan in about 30 minutes, and every serving has 36 grams of protein.

Get the Recipe: Turkey Lasagna Casserole

Three Cheese Baked Ziti

pasta with cheese
Photo Credit: Run Lift Eat Repeat

This one pan baked ziti will save you on weeknights. Extra creamy from the cheese mixture and flavor packed from the classic Italian spices.

Get the Recipe: Three Cheese Baked Ziti

Mediterranean Linguini

pasta with tomatoes
Photo Credit: Mommy Evolution

This Mediterranean linguine recipe will transport you to the countryside of Italy with just one bite.

Get the Recipe: Mediterranean Linguini

Spicy Peanut Noodles

peanut noodles
Photo Credit: Dish in the Kitchen

These nutty Spicy Peanut Noodles are the ideal quick Southeast Asia inspired lunch or dinner. Customize this versatile noodle dish with your own vegetables, protein, and spice level to make it your own.

Get the Recipe: Spicy Peanut Noodles


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