Taking Cara Babies Navigating Months 3 and 4 Review

I’m always surprised when I hear the phrase “sleep like a baby” because I’ve never had a baby that’s slept well. The newborn phase is always rough and I think we might’ve gotten about 4-5 hours during that time.

With my first daughter, I had time to read the book Babywise and implement a Eat/Wake/Sleep schedule pretty early on. Basically we would have 3 hour cycles that we’d focus on feeding, playing and then sleeping and then start the cycle over again after her nap.

It worked like a charm and with my first we got her sleeping through the night by 2 months without any tough sleep training!

So when I had my second we wanted to do the same thing with her. However we quickly learned no 2 babies are the same and we were extremely lucky to have my first be such a good sleeper!

The hardest part with my second daughter was that she refuses to use a pacifier, so has trouble self soothing, whereas my first love her pacifiers – she even used to sleep with one in each hand.

After struggling through a few weeks and sticking to a consistent schedule (we used the Huckleberry App to help us), we started to see results!

She even started sleeping through the night for a few nights…until we hit the dreaded 4 month regression.

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Four Month Regression

The 4 month regression is a sleep regression that happens in babies, usually around 4 months, but sometimes earlier (or later). Four month sleep regressions usually go by the estimated due date and since my daughter was 2 weeks late, the regression hit us a little earlier than 4 months. Some signs that we saw with her were:

-Multiple night time wakings

-Fussier than usual

-Crazy development during the day – almost every time she’d wake up, she’d be able to do something new! She started rolling over both ways at this time.

Once we realized she was in the 4 month regression I took to Google to try to find anything that could help us get through it. I had tried all my usuals – rocking her back to sleep, letting her try to self sooth, changing diaper, etc. and nothing seemed to be working! I also was so afraid of starting to introduce new things – like night feedings again – and have a new issue to deal with.

After a week of this, I decided to invest in an ebook I had been recommended in multiple mom groups called Taking Cara Babies Navigating Months 3&4. After watching some of her Instagram videos and reading the sales page, I decided to invest $40 and buy the book. In this post I’ll share with you our experience and why I ultimately got a refund for the book.

What is Taking Cara Babies?

First of all – what exactly is Taking Cara Babies? Taking Cara Babies (TCB) is a baby sleep program by sleep expert and nurse Cara. Cara began creating and selling courses in 2018 all about baby sleep and has quickly become very popular.

My first was born about this time so I had never heard of her courses back then, but now all the mom groups I’m a part of always mention it!

Taking Cara has a few different courses – 0-12 weeks, months 3 &4, and 5-24 months as well as one-on-one sleep consulting. Cara also has a really great instagram account with a ton of tips and tricks as well!

So after talking with other moms, reading through the sales page I ended up buying the ebook.

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My Experience

About a minute after buying I got a 50 something page PDF sent to my e-mail. I downloaded it and was impressed with how well organized it was and it overall looked really pretty.

I took the morning to read through everything and that’s when I realized – there basically wasn’t anything new in this entire ebook. All the things she recommended doing I was already doing, which I had learned from the books Babywise and Happiest Baby on the Block years ago, as well as tips from her instagram. The only things that were new to me were the acronyms she had for different methods.

Ugh. The acronyms.

This was one of my biggest issues with Taking Cara Babies; there were SO MANY acronyms. I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast nevermind am I going to be able to remember an acronym like SITBACK. In addition, in her ebook she’d mention other acronyms that she apparently taught in the newborn (0-12 weeks) course and never explained again. Since I hadn’t taken that course I had no idea what she meant or what she wanted me to do.

Ultimately I ended up asking for a refund because there basically wasn’t anything new in the book except that we’d just have to wait out the regression, which can take up to a month to get through. I do have to say the team was amazing and issued my refund really quickly and easily, so I do appreciate that.

Does Taking Cara Babies Work?

Does Taking Cara Babies work?

I think so since it’s basically a prettier version of other sleep training methods (I’ve heard it’s most similar to Farber method but I personally haven’t tried this method).

If you’re a new mom I do think it’s worth checking out because it can teach you about baby sleep cycles, soothing techniques and help with creating a routine.

Sure, you can find most of this information for free on the internet or even on her instagram account, but it is nice to have it all in one place and saves you time from having to google everything. The only drawback I can see is the acronyms and having a cute-sy name for EVERYTHING! I appreciate the idea of it but when it’s 2 am and all I want to do is go to bed I’m not exactly going to remember what SITBACK stands for.

If you’ve done sleep training with other babies, then I would skip the Taking Cara Babies course – there won’t be any new information for you. I would instead look into using the Huckleberry App, which can generate schedules for you that adjust as your baby gets older. They also have sleep consultants on hand that can review your calendars and provide feedback and adjustments that can help fix any sleep issues.

I also wouldn’t recommend doing this course if you haven’t taken the newborn class (0-12 weeks) since she’ll reference things from that course and not explain it in the ebook. This ebook seems like it’s a better add on for a previous student, not a first time class.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a first time mom or doing sleep training for the first time, I think you’d like Taking Cara Babies and get a lot of value out of it. It gives a lot of basic sleep information and has a cute/fun name for what you’re doing with your baby.

However, if you’ve done sleep training before and haven’t taken the newborn course, I’d skip this ebook and instead look into using the Huckleberry app. This way you can get custom schedules generated based on your baby’s age and stage, as well as get feedback from sleep consultants.


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