The Best Peloton Accessories to Buy on Amazon

I love my Peloton bike, but sometimes I wish it had a few extra accessories to make it truly perfect. I’ve tried a few different ones and have found the best ones to buy on Amazon.

What I love about these accessories is that they’re not invasive to the bike (so won’t void any warranties) and are easy to set up – I’m not very good at putting things together and even I was able to install these accessories! They’re all high-quality products and made by a Peloton-loving couple from Boston.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bike and want to get all the best of the Peloton accessories on Amazon, then read on!

These accessories were provided to me by ATP Sports, however, all opinions are my own

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Bike Fan

I am obsessed with this fan! It clips right onto the bike and plugs into the back of the monitor (did you know there’s an extra USB port back there?). The fan can be turned on low or high, and if you hold down the button it’ll actually turn on lights and change colors! It turns your room into a mini studio. This accessory is only available for the original Bike at the moment, but hopefully, a Bike+ version will be released in the future!

Here’s a little demo of the fan in action

YouTube video

Towel Rack

I used to try to use the handlebar as a towel rack but would always end up dropping my towel halfway through my ride. Whoops. This towel holder makes it so my towel is nearby and off the handlebars – which means I don’t need to worry about it falling off or flying around while biking.

Monitor Cover

The monitor cover slips right over the monitor and keeps dust off my bike screen! It zips up securely at the bottom as well as velcros in the back for a tight fit. I love that not only does it keep my screen clean and safe, but it also matches my bike!

Cell Phone and Headphone Holder

The headphone holder is genius! I’m always forgetting to get my Airpods when I clip in so I love having a holder to keep them on my bike. There’s also a spot for cell phones, but I found that my iPhone 12 with case (slim otterbox) and popsocket doesn’t fit. If I did take it out of the case it would fit no problem, but I usually don’t keep my phone with me when I work out so it’s not a huge deal to me.

Pedal Converter

How many times have you had guests come over and want to try out your Peloton but don’t fit into your shoes? This completely solves that problem! They clip right into the pedals and convert the pedal into a regular pedal that can be used with any type of shoe.

I still recommend getting a pair of Peloton shoes if you’ll be doing a ton of rides, but for one or two rides (like someone visiting) this converter is perfect!

Here’s a demo of how I use my pedal converters and how easy they are to install

YouTube video

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to customize your bike, I highly recommend checking out these accessories from ATP Sports. You can buy them on ATP Sports’ site or on Amazon here.

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