25 Easy Toddler Lunchbox Ideas

It can be hard to find easy toddler lunchbox ideas that they’ll actually eat. Packing lunches for toddlers can be challenging, especially if they are a picky eater or attend daycare where there may be restrictions on certain foods.

But don’t worry; I have you covered with a collection of easy and nutritious lunchbox ideas that are perfect for toddlers. Whether your child is at home or in daycare, these easy recipes will be sure to please their taste buds and provide them with the necessary nutrients to fuel their busy days.

Say goodbye to boring lunches and hello to tasty options that will make both you and your child happy.


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We understand the importance of providing our little ones with well-balanced meals, which is why all of the recipes included in this post are packed with essential nutrients that will help support their growth and development. 

Plus, we have also taken into consideration any dietary restrictions or allergies, so all children can enjoy these delicious meals.

So whether you’re a busy parent looking for quick and nutritious lunch options or a daycare provider searching for new menu ideas, our toddler lunchbox ideas are sure to be a hit. 

25 yummy toddler lunch ideas with images of lunch recipes

Toddler Lunch Box Ideas

So what makes an easy toddler lunch idea?

The goal of a good lunch for toddlers is that it’s something that is not only easy to eat, but can also be enjoyed at room temperature.

It should also include a balance of different food groups, such as protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. This will not only provide your child with the necessary nutrients but also keep them full and energized throughout the day.

25 yummy toddler lunch ideas with images of lunch recipes

Some popular lunchbox ideas for toddlers include mini sandwiches or wraps filled with their favorite ingredients like lunch meat or cream cheese, pasta salads loaded with veggies and proteins like chicken or beans, and bite-sized fruit or vegetable skewers.

You can also incorporate fun shapes or designs using cookie cutters to make the meal more appealing to your child.,

Don’t be afraid to get creative and try new combinations of foods that your child may not have tried before. By introducing a variety of flavors and textures at an early age, you can help expand their palate and encourage them to be more adventurous eaters.

bentgo lunch box ideas on a table

Another important factor when it comes to toddler lunchbox ideas is convenience. As a busy parent, you want something that is easy and quick to prepare.

That’s why using leftovers from dinner the night before can be a great option for the next day’s lunch. It saves time and money while also ensuring your child gets a nutritious meal.

Must Have Tools

There are a few Amazon Affiliate tools I highly recommend for toddler lunches. These not only make it easier to prep, but also help keep the lunches fresh all day.

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Mix and Match Lunch Ideas

One of my toddler’s favorite lunches are made up of mix and match foods. This is a good idea because it offers variety in toddler lunches and it introduces them to new foods and textures.

A few of our favorite foods to include in our lunch boxes are:

Cherry Tomatoes

Baked Sweet Potatoes

Pita Bread with Hummus

Hard Boiled Eggs

Fresh Fruit like Apple Slices

Carrot Sticks

Bell Peppers

Cottage Cheese

Deli Meat

String Cheese

One way to get ideas of combinations is to take a look at premade meals at the store, like Lunchables, and use those combinations for inspiration with foods your toddler loves. 

granola bars on parchment paper in a baking dish

​Toddler Lunch Box Tips and Tricks

As a busy mom, I know how challenging it can be to come up with new and nutritious lunch ideas for toddlers. That’s why I’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way that have made packing lunches much easier.

Invest in good quality containers. This may seem like a simple tip, but having leak-proof and durable containers will save you from any lunchtime disasters.

I personally love using bento-style boxes with different compartments, as they make it easy to pack a variety of foods without them getting mixed together.

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Another helpful tip is to meal prep and batch cook whenever possible. On weekends, I like to prepare a big batch of hard boiled eggs or airfry sweet potatoes to use throughout the week in my toddler’s lunches.

This saves time and ensures that there are always healthy options available.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with leftovers.

Sometimes my toddler won’t eat a certain food at dinner, but if I add it into a lunchtime wrap or turn it into a fun shape with cookie cutters, she’s more likely to give it a try.

Try to involve your toddler in the lunch packing process. Not only does this give them a sense of control and autonomy, but it also introduces them to new foods and can make mealtime more exciting for them.

folded naan bread

Don’t forget to ask daycare about their rules for foods. If there’s a food allergy, they might not allow certain foods like peanut butter or almond butter. Knowing this beforehand can prevent any lunchtime surprises.

More Toddler Approved Recipes

This garlic naan bread is the perfect side for any toddler lunch!

One of my favorite lunches to pack for toddlers is Instant Pot Chicken Salad. It’s a protein packed meal that kids love.

I love to meal prep a batch of Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken for quick and easy lunches.

My kids love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and this yummy PB&J granola bar recipe is one of their favorites!

Toddler Lunch Box Ideas

Are you tired of the same old lunch options for your toddler? Check out these delicious and creative recipes that are perfect for little ones! Whether you have a picky eater or an adventurous one, there's something here for every taste. Say goodbye to boring lunches and hello to happy tummies!

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