Top 15 Most Romantic Places to Propose Around the World

Looking to pop the question and want to make it extraordinary? Whether you seek an extravagant proposal or something more quiet, there’s a spot on this beautiful planet for every style of love story. Glamria conducted a study on the most popular proposal destinations based on top tagged social media hashtags.

Here are 15 destinations worth considering for one of the most memorable moments of your life.

15. Los Angeles

los angeles
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For a slice of old Hollywood romance, visit The Griffith Observatory at night for a panoramic view of the twinkling city. Or head to Malibu for the serene beaches and a feeling of a world away, but a pebble’s throw from the city.

14. Las Vegas

las vegas
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Not just for elopements and quickie weddings, Vegas can provide unforgettable proposal backdrops. Think the lights of the Strip, the fountains of Bellagio, or the calm of the Red Rock Canyon.

13. Cappadocia

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Take to the skies in a hot air balloon to see the otherworldly landscape of Cappadocia, complete with fairy chimneys and ancient caves. As dawn breaks and balloons fill the sky, the silence and beauty create an ethereal moment for your question.

12. Cancun

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With its incredible underwater museum MUSA and the Cancun Underwater Sculpture Garden, Cancun provides an uncommon proposal ground for adventurous hearts. But if you prefer land, the ruins of Tulum by the sea offer majestic grandeur.

11. Charleston

charleston house
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With its atmospheric streets and Southern charm, Charleston is a fount of Southern romance. Visit Boone Hall Plantation for its picturesque Avenue of Oaks or tour the city’s historic Battery for a scenic proposal location.

10. Venice

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Serpentine canals and Gothic architecture lend an air of splendid isolation to a romantic proposal in a gondola. When you reach the Grand Canal, ask the gondolier to sing for two — it’s the quintessential Venetian love experience.

9. Central Park

couple sitting in central park
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In the heart of the city that never sleeps, a rowboat on the park’s lake or beneath the Bow Bridge creates an oasis of calm for your special question. In wintertime, beneath the Bethesda Terrace by a frozen lake could be just as magical.

8. Rome

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There’s no shortage of awe-inspiring places to propose in this Eternal City. The Trevi Fountain at twilight, or atop the Spanish Steps with a serenade – Rome makes classic romance effortlessly beautiful.

7. Disneyland

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For those who believe in fairy tales, Disneyland can be the ultimate place to propose. Be it in front of a castle or during a fireworks show, the ambiance of the happiest place on earth is an ideal backdrop for a magical moment.

6. London

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This grande dame of cities has many proposal spots. You could opt for a London Eye capsule for privacy with a view or do it like in the movies – at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre during a performance of a love-story play.

5. Maui

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Drive the Road to Hana for a thousand opportunities to stop in paradise, finding hidden waterfalls and lush gardens perfect for a proposal. Haleakalā National Park offers an ethereal volcanic backdrop for those who love the outdoors.

4. Santorini

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With its iconic blue rooftops and stunning sunsets, Oia village in Santorini is the heart of the Aegean romance. Charter a yacht and snorkel in the warm Mediterranean waters or plan a vineyard visit to propose as you sample local wine.

3. Sydney

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How about proposing with the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge as your backdrop? The calm waves of the Pacific Ocean will witness your pledge at Bondi Beach, or you could plan a private seaplane ride for a soaring experience above the Opera House.

2. Bali

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Bali’s sunsets could be a romantic cliche, but from the Bukit Peninsula, they are a magical prelude to a lifetime of love. You could also explore the rice terraces in Ubud, which deliver a quiet and picturesque proposal setting.

1. Paris

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Known as the ‘City of Love’, there’s no spot quite as classic as the Eiffel Tower’s top for a proposal. Or take a quiet stroll along the Seine, amidst the medieval architecture, and find a bench where you can start the next chapter of your lives.


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