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Can You Use Peloton Without a Subscription?

The Peloton classes are a fun way to workout, but have you ever wondered if you're still able to use Peloton without a subscription?

Whether you're looking to save money for a bit or are no longer interested in the Peloton subscription, here's what you'll have access to

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Whether you have the Peloton Bike, tread or row you'll still be able to use the "Just Workout" feature to use the equipment to workout

Just Workout

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You'll still have access to two full sample Peloton classes to stream. They might update every few months with different content.

Sample Classes

You'll still be able to use the machines to workout, but you'll lose access to these features. Here's a look at the feature that would be missing if you cancel your membership

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You'll lose access to your Power Zone metrics and the ability to see your Power Zone bar.

Power Zone Bar

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You'll also lose access from being able to log into the Entertainment portion and stream Netflix shows or Read Kindle books.


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