DIY  Oreo  Hot Chocolate Bombs

Prepare Cookies N Cream Spheres

Melt cookies n cream melts in a bowl and then spoon a little in to 3 of the molds

Make Dark Chocolate Spheres

Melt the dark chocolate  and spoon into the remaining 3 molds. Cool in fridge 1-2 minutes and then do another layer

Cool the Chocolate

Once all molds are coated cool in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Remove the Spheres

Carefully remove the chocolate spheres from the mold using food safe gloves

Melt Chocolate Edges

Heat up a small plate in the microwave and rub the dark chocolate sphere on it to melt edges

Fill the Chocolate Sphere

Fill the sphere with 3T hot cocoa mix, 7-8 marshmallows and 3 mini Oreos

Melt Cookies N Cream Sphere

On another small plate, melt the edges cookies n cream sphere and seal on top of the chocolate sphere


Melt the Remaining cookies n cream melts and drizzle on top of hot chocolate bomb. Add on Sprinkles and Mini Oreos


When ready to enjoy, put hot chocolate bomb in a mug and pour 8oz hot milk over. Stir and enjoy!