How My family uses the skylight calendar

We got the Skylight Calendar to organize my family's calendars.  Between work, my kids schedules and my husband's travel schedule we needed an all in one place calendar. 

I also wanted something that would fit into out home and look good!

We decided on the Skylight Calendar because not only was it a calendar, but it also would let us display our family photos too.

Meal Planning

In addition to photos and calendar, the calendar also has a built in meal plan feature so I can update each week with what's on the menu

Chore Calendar

I love the added Chore Chart featre to the calendar! I'm able to program in each family member and assign chores so they know exactly what to do each day. It's saved me a lot of time and less arguing! 

Compatible with Android and iPhone 

My husband and I always struggle with tech devices because I have an iPhone and he has an Android. Skylight works seamlessly with both so he's able to use it!

Easy Calendar Sync

Skylight syncs with calendars like Gmail so it can automatically add in events easily from both of our calendars. 

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