My Honest Woobles Crochet Kit Review

This year I’ve been on a mission to start limiting my screen time.

Between work, writing my blog, and just everyday living, I feel like a majority of my day is spent in front of a screen.

I recently had an ad pop up for these cute little crochet plush and I couldn’t help but check it out.

It turns out they were a kit called The Woobles that would teach you how to crochet these cute stuffed animals.

I had never crocheted a day in my life nor really had any interest, but for some reason, I really felt like I needed to try it out.

If it could get me a few hours off a screen then that would be great! I ended up ordering a Pierre the Penguin kit to give it a try.

In this post, I’ll share with you my experience with my crochet kit and how my project came out!

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What is a Wooble?

First off – what exactly is a Wooble?

The Woobles is the company that makes beginner amigurumi (Japanese for small knitted or crocheted stuffed animals) kits. The company was founded by Justine Tiu who wanted to make crochet easy for anyone that wanted to get into a new hobby.

They provide everything you need to get started crocheting – from supplies to step by step instructions all in a prepackaged kit.

They have a bunch of different designs to choose from, ranging from beginner to advanced in design.

I decided to order the one I saw on the ad (and a beginner project), Pierre the Penguin.

finished woobles penguin

Inside the Crochet Kit

About a week after I ordered my package arrived!

The kit came in a resealable bag and inside the bag was everything that I needed to get started.

It included:

the outside of the woobles kit

A crochet hook (this is optional to buy with the kit – if you already have one you could get a kit without it)

Yarn – The kit included blue, yellow, white, and black yarn (in case you wanted to stitch on eyes instead of using the fasteners – more on that later!).

The blue yarn that would make the body also came with a piece called the “magic loop” to help get started faster.

It also had 3 stitch markers inside it.

Plush Stuffing

The Wee Wobbly Bits Bag – This pack included little pieces that would become the eyes.

With everything laid out I was ready to get started!

The kit also came with a card of the penguin and on the other side were instructions on how to get to the videos.

inside the woobles container with blue, yellow and white yarn

Woobles Review

I’ll begin this off with I had 0 expectations on how my penguin would turn out.

I’m a sucker for cute things and Instagram ads, and figured if this kit could get me a few hours off a screen it’d be a win (and if I could make a cute stuffed animal that’d be an even bigger win!).

I started the project when my husband and I were watching tv one night and I quickly realized that I couldn’t multitask – at least not at first.

It was a little tricky in the beginning for me to get down the stitches, as well as count the stitches I had completed.

Thankfully the videos were really simple and easy to follow so I could do a few parts of the penguin, put it down for a bit, and then pick it right back up.

first rounds of the blue body

I also like that there was a guide on how to fix pretty much every mistake – even how to start all over. I was so nervous that I’d make a mistake and not catch it until later and the project would be completely ruined.

But this wasn’t the case at all! After a few days of crocheting, I really started to get the hang of it and I could start fixing mistakes on my own.

half way through the penguin body

As I kept going with my penguin crocheting got seriously addicting. Like all, I wanted to do was crochet! It was so exciting to see my penguin coming together and I was just so proud of it!

Crocheting was never a hobby I really thought I’d get into but I’ve found it’s really relaxing and it’s become really fun for me.

My 3 year old also really liked watching me crocheting and would get so excited every morning to see the progress I had made!

woobles penguin blue body
finished white belly on the penguin

The kit quotes that the project takes about 8-10 hours and I think that’s pretty accurate. I’d pick it up after my kids went to bed and crochet for about an hour a night for about a week.

I did find that as the project went on I became way quicker with the rounds and the project went faster towards the end.

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The Finished Product

I love how my penguin turned out!

I ended up running out of yarn towards the end to finish his wing (more my fault, but hey I’m learning!) but I absolutely love my penguin with all the imperfections.

This ended up being a really fun project for me and before I even completed my penguin I ordered another one to make (I ordered the fox for my next one!).

finishes woobles penguin on a desk

It’s also amazing to me the feeling of accomplishment and pride I got when I finished this project. I really went into this hoping I’d make something that kind of resembled a penguin, but it ended up coming out so good! I’m pretty proud of myself.

I think this kit is the perfect way to get into crocheting at almost any age.

The project is pretty detailed so young kids might not have the patience (or attention span) for it, but I could see preteens and up enjoying this as well as adults like myself!

What I Love

I’m a huge fan of these kits and here are a few things that I especially love.


The videos are awesome. The instructor,Justine is super down to earth and is great at explaining everything in a way that is really approachable. The step by step instruction was perfect and the way that they filmed made it easy to see exactly which stitch they were working on.

It felt like I was learning to crochet with a friend and there wasn’t any pressure to be perfect with crocheting.

How to Fix Everything

The resource on how to fix everything was great! It completely eliminated my fears of getting too far and ruining the kit.

I also like that I was able to share progress pictures online and their Instagram account even gave me constructive feedback (like missing a step and almost not turning my penguin inside out – oops!).

Super helpful!


the yarn is SO SOFT and so vibrant! The colors are absolutely beautiful!

I also read more about the yarn on their site and learned that it’s really great beginner yarn because it won’t fray or come apart.


I’m also a sucker for cute packaging and this kit was so adorable.

I really liked having a resealable bag to keep everything together.


While I had a mostly positive experience with the kit, I do think there’s a little room for improvement.

Extra Yarn

It would be nice if they had separate yarn for all pieces of the project – like the wings.

In the penguin project, you use the leftover blue yarn to make his wings – but being a complete newbie, I didn’t end up having enough leftover to make both wings.

Round Tracker

There’s a little math that goes into making each round on the penguin and it would’ve been nice if there were little trackers or paper to check off as you completed them.

I was able to use my phone notepad to keep track but it would be a nice addition to have little note cards in the kit to use.

Best Wooble to Begin With

I’ve completed a few Woobles now since writing this and wanted to add in which Wooble I recommend for beginners. Woobles has a few ones that are labeled as beginner, but I would recommend if you’re completely brand new to crocheting starting out with Pierre.

The yarn that Pierre comes with is a different type than the others, and I found it was way easier to work with because it didn’t fray.

The other Woobles yarn I worked with isn’t bad, but it was easier to accidentally get it stuck on my crochet hook and cause it to split or fray.

Where to Buy

Woobles kits can be bought directly from their website here.

The kits range in price from $25-$50, depending on if you get a crochet hook with the kit as well as how many amigurumi you make.

You can also find them now on Amazon and they’ve even begun selling their signature Easy Peasy yarn separately.


Since writing this review, The Woobles have appeared on Shark Tank! I’m so excited to see them growing their business and I’ve completed so many more Woobles, plus ordered their book!

I’m still a huge fan of The Woobles and thanks to the skills I’ve learned from them I’m even working on bigger projects like an afghan blanket now!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend a Woobles kit to anyone who is interested in learning how to crochet (or even just looking for a hobby that gets you off your phone)! It’s a fun hobby that can get seriously addicting.

I can’t wait to start my next Woobles project!

Ready to try a Woobles project? Click here to order yours!


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